Every guy who steps into the gym dreams of achieving that great classical V-shaped upper body that commands respect and attention. Many have trained for months, if not years and yet that V-shaped upper body just isn't forth coming. Ever wondered why?

In one study, leg bone mineral density was highest in rugby players, whose activities included both running and strength training, but when bone density was corrected for body fat, runners had the strongest leg bones. So training is specific. When you strengthen your muscles, you also strengthen the bones on which muscles attach.

The bodybuilder diet should consist of three main nutrients that are carbohydrates, fat and proteins. According to your metabolism type, the amount of fat and carbohydrates may vary. If your metabolism is very active (and by active I mean that it is very difficult for you to gain weight, no matter what you eat),

A good example is that we rarely need to lift weight above our heads. We design our homes and storage systems so that we don't often have to do that because it's difficult.

Less of a specific exercise but more of a general work out tip is to use free weights to build chest muscles instead of a weight machine. Many gyms have more weight machines than free weights these days, but you will still get a better workout pumping iron the old fashioned way.

Ab Exercises are a great way of building up your abdominal muscles, it is important to note that regular cardiovascular exercise and healthy eating habits play a huge role in determining a healthy abs look. But for this is vital that the abdominal exercises are done correctly.

Balance and stability allows you to protect yourself from injury. When you injure your back as you try to carry that heavy load, this happens because of weak core muscles. Your abdominal and lower back make up the core of your body

The deadlift targets not only most muscles in your back, but also the lower body. This exercise is great at giving a good work out to many parts of your body simultaneously. Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, then squat down while grabbing the bar with a firm grip. Keep your arms fully extended on the outside of your knees and rest the bar just over your feet.

Next, he tested it in mice that were genetically engineered to lack the myostatin gene. To his pleasant surprise, the mice that lacked myostatin and had increased follistatin, bulked to nearly four times the size of normal mice!

Now I'm sure you know that your going to need to exercise to build your muscles. When you go to the gym you should lift the weights that you find heaviest, but can still lift. The heavier the better because when you lift overly heavy weights it tears the fibres in your muscles. After a day of lifting its very important to take a day off, this is so the protein can rebuild the muscle fibres.