Dreamers and Doers
April, 13, 2015
Recently, it has been pointed out to me that there are “Dreamers” and there are “Doers”.
I think this implies that people who dream don’t achieve results. It implies that being a “Doers” is the more valid choice of the two. I think this whole premise is over simplified. I don’t think either is the best choice.
I believe that the perfect path to achievement is the middle path. A combination of the two.
I have come to know in my experience, that there are three elements to significant “achievement”.
You must have a vision or a goal “Dream”.
You must have action, toward that goal.
But, both the vision and the action must be imbued with emotion! It’s the emotion that quantifiably raises the chance of “success”.
Very rarely do you find a person or a project etc, in our everyday worker bee lives (doers), which have all three of these pillars working in synchronous pursuit of a goal.
We can be surrounded by people with a “vision” or “dream” that don’t act on it, or worse ,pretend to act on it , feign the achievement of it, but aren’t really willing to do the necessary things to reach their goal.
Some people will always be that way; they prefer the idea of being a success or even projecting success and promoting the image of it, instead of applying some of that “doer” mentality.
The “doer” can be just as unproductive from a 30,000 foot view. Some, well …most “Doers” are just the worker bees of our species. They perform some menial task or function. They do it correctly, they fulfill their work obligations, but they do it mindlessly, blindly without joy, without inspiration in themselves and certainly not in a way that inspires others. Many develop a “martyr” type mentality. They complete the task that society needs filled, but they do it begrudgingly, they almost prefer to live in a constant state of complaint, where nothing is right, Nothing ever works out, where their commitment to blind menial tasks “keeps them” from living the moment they are in. At 7:00 Am, they are living in the mental space of 3:01 PM. On Monday, Tuesday etc they are living for Friday at 5:00 PM. Often, There is “always” something g that pops up to keep them from succeeding.
"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings. Shakespeare
We want to live happy, fulfilled lives. We want to be the best at what we do. We want to achieve goals. The size of the goal, we must learn is irrelevant. If the result of our goal seems too large to accomplish, unobtainable, say a new work project, a new level of income, a new house, a new job etc. If these things would be seen as radically different or “better” than our present situation. That doesn’t mean its unachievable (ANYTHING IS ACHIEVABLE) (What one man can do, another can do!)
It only means there may be several levels or action and change and growth that needs to take place in our lives, our thoughts, our actions, our mannerisms etc to get from Point A to Point B. It may mean we have to shed a lot of mental baggage, negative people.
It may mean we disassociate from people who are a detriment to our time, who use us, who may be a black hole sucking up our luck and prosperity, our hard work.
The incremental changes needed for us to grow into our end goal can be painful. So we DON”T do them. We end up chasing our tails around in our present situation, again and again. Our unhappy failure to achieve presents and compounds. We sabotage ourselves in a variety of creative ways.
Many of us have tried to “Find an easier, softer way< but we cannot (form AABB)
We MUST, We MUST, We MUST take that first step, that leap of faith. It’s the emotional release of control into trust and faith that ignites the help of the universe or the creator or God. The mechanics of the Universe are ready and waiting for us to step out onto the field, to engage to believe.
Do this one simple thing and you will start to realize your dreams, daily!
1.) See it in your mind, every detail of outcome you can muster. Write that down!
2.) In your mind, act as if you already have achieved that goal, shut everything else out and feel the excitement in your mind and body, just like you already did it. Push a tidal wave of gratitude through your system. That’s the prayer of gratitude needed to set things in motion. The feeling is the prayer.
3.) Write down the physical things that need to be done to get from point A to point B
4.) Right down every habit, every person that may find a way to hinder your journey.
5.) Start eliminating the things on that list, as quickly and completely. THIS is the hardest part. This is the most necessary part. You must remove all fodder for excuse and every road block. Let go of bad relationships that suck up your time and talent. Let go the heed to the call of the sirens, distracting you from your path.
The, every moment to each of these at least once.

2.) Breath in deeply
3.) Exhale slowly
4.) Give thanks for one small thing you see.

Do this and you will have transcended being both the Dreamer and the Doer.

James J. Maioho
International Bestselling Author and Consultant

Author's Bio: 

James J. Maioho is an International best selling author , coach and Consultant from East Grand Rapids, MI