So here we will discuss about the benefits of social bookmarking sites. In that we will discuss first if you don't know that what is social bookmarking, what are its uses, how it helps to generate backlink and many more. As we all know, it is a part of off page activity through which we get backlinks from different websites to get traffic on our website. So all these topics will be covered in these sessions so lets focus on these topics and implement in your website.

Here are the prerequisite topic that we will discuss who don’t know about social bookmarking, so let's start the topic as follows :-

What is social bookmarking.
How different website gives backlink to you.
What are the uses of backlink sites.
What are the benefits of bookmarking sites.

What is social bookmarking
It is an online service which provides you to create, publish, share, store your website to easily access it anytime.
For eg :- Now if you like any website so you simply bookmark that website to completely read that website and share that website to your people. It is like that only when you submit your website in bookmarking sites so that site checks your website link that your website do not share spam content.

How Different Website Gives backlink to your website.
So when you submit your website with title, description & tags with proper category so backlink sites check your website that your website is having unique contents with products to give them a link.
So backlink sites have two options to give a link to our website. Either they give Do Follow link or No follow link.
So Do Follow link is passes the authority to your website for referring sites for linking the webpage.
While No Follow don’t pass the authority to your website because that site thinks that your websites spams their site therefore they index your website as nofollow.

What are the uses of backlink sites.
It helps to improve seo for your website.
It boost your website to generate traffic.
It increase your page and domain authority which means when sites gives link to our website means it follows our page and google crawlers knows that this site has more link which follows the page to get better ranking in google search engine.

What are the benefits of social bookmarking.
Increase online search engine ranking.
Boost traffic
Improves brand awareness
Helps to improve online visibility.

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