Top 3 Internet Marketing Strategies In 2018
As we are entering the final leg of 2017, marketing managers/digital strategist in Australia will probably be starting to prepare Internet Marketing Strategies for 2018.

A constant theme of the current advertising is the quick pace by which technology is evolving. Each year sees innovations in how consumers interact with brands and at the ways that firms can use to reach out to their audiences.

Thus, what will Australian marketers be aiming to integrate into 2018’s sales and marketing strategies?

We asked 50 marketing managers in a bid to find out & here are the Top 3 Strategies:

Live streaming came out on top, together with 74 percent of respondents saying that they were planning to begin live streaming in 2018
AR/VR also featured heavily on marketers lists, with 72% saying that there planning to utilize the technologies as part of next decades campaigns.
42 percent of entrepreneurs are developing voice ports and that this will be a key part of their marketing roadmap for the next year.
The one bit of highly hyped tech that seemed to be dividing marketers is blockchain. 19% of respondents did not know what blockchain technology was, while only 10% were actively planning to use the technology.

Author's Bio: 

Ricky Makan is a founder of Absoltz Internet Marketing SEO Agency in Sydney Australia, with over 10 years online experience. He has helped businesses of all sizes increase the return on investment from their online marketing spend.