Technology is constantly transforming businesses in ways impossible to imagine. Just a few years ago, enterprises relied on static, HTML based websites to establish their online presence. Today, new web design trends have emerged to change the way websites are built and customers interact with your business.

For a business to successfully drive quality web traffic, it is essential to put up a well-designed website. A great website design should not just be an eye candy but also provide unique, unusual experience to visitors in order to make them return for more. But how do ensure your website has a distinctive interface and delivers a great user experience? Here are the three best user interface and user experience design trends that you need to implement when developing your website through interface development services.

Responsive Web Layout:
Responsiveness has become an essential part of web design especially when it comes delivering a consistent user experience on multiple digital channels. Ensure your UI/UX designer follows the UI best practices keeping end user preferences and expectations in mind. Users no longer access your website using desktop or laptop only; they now prefer smartphones and tablets as their go-to digital mediums to quickly browse the internet or interact with businesses. Therefore, make sure you bake mobile-friendly features into your website to keep up with the evolving design trends and drive better business outcomes.

Use Captivating Images to Draw Customer Attention:
Whether it is a website or a news daily, graphics have been a proven way to draw user attention. Using attractive images on your website does not only enhance your website aesthetics but also play a major role in keeping the visitors engaged for a longer time. High-quality images aid in improving your visual hierarchy and influencing customer decisions. Graphics created using your brand colors with minimal text on it are more likely to convert the website visitors into lifetime customers.

Humanization is a Great Option:
Humanizing your website can be a great differentiator in the fiercely competitive digital era. It can make your business easily recognizable and pave the path to phenomenal success. To achieve this, you must define objectives that can garner customer attention, make them stay on web pages for long, boost conversion rate, and convert potential customers into brand loyalists. Make sure your products and services are genuine enough for a customer to trust you. Make use of live chat or fictional characters to promote your business but in a subtle manner.

Key Takeaways
The above-mentioned web design trends can unarguably step up your web traffic and conversion game. These are some key web design tips and trends that will not only aid you in creating a highly functional website but also deliver an exceptional experience to your site visitors. Apart from the ones mentioned above, are you aware of any other emerging UI and UX design trends? Or have you implemented any of these design trends for your business website? Share it with us using the comments area below.

Author's Bio: 

Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software. This blog highlights the key tips & latest web design trends to follow in 2018.