Construction industry faces certain challenges and risks every year, and the great uncertainty was the key trend that led those, who’re engaged in residential or commercial construction, into 2017. The competition on the market makes companies strive to deliver the greatest product to their target audiences, and, for that matter, they need to follow the recent trends of the industry and build their products/services around them. So, these are this years’ trends people involved in construction business need to be aware of.

Construction industry trends of 2017

1. High energy efficiency and reliability

Quality has always been an everlasting trend in the construction industry. However, in this day and age, clients demand high energy efficiency in everything: from home insulation that allows saving money on heating and cooling the house down to lifting equipment solutions in apartment buildings, which deliver safety and great capacity while not consuming as much electricity. The buildings have to be modern, which means – long-lasting, sleek, comfortable, versatile and energy conservation oriented.

2. Modular construction will only improve its positions on the market

Obviously, the modular building has always been a part of the construction industry. However, such things as labor and time efficiency, as well as raised quality standards, promoted the use of the alternative to traditional construction methods. Modular construction (or off-site building and on-site module assembling) allows for faster construction, stronger buildings, fewer expenses, less impact on the landscape, superior quality and fewer on-site building hazards. That’s basically everything people demand in 2017.

3. Green practices

Being environmentally conscious is the trend of 2017 and many more years to come. That’s not just what the people – construction industry customers seek. That’s what the planet and the humanity’s well-being requires. So, in 2017, building projects are expected to involve as much eco-friendly materials, technologies, living solutions and practices as possible. Reusing and recycling materials, cutting down the construction waste are the things that add to the reputation of any contractor in 2017.

4. Smart household technologies

Smart homes, where most of the things are controlled via smartphone apps are becoming less and less of a luxury in 2017. Modern technologies aren’t just the customer’s requirements, but also things that make the construction process itself much easier, effective and inexpensive. This is the construction industry trend that’s going to last for many years and cover more and more residential customers. So, keep up with the recent household technology news and get ready to deliver.

5. Infrastructure development

Infrastructure projects are in significant favor in 2017, even though the lack of federal funding might be a problem. However, larger construction firms and power equipment producers like Triol Corporation may expect the increase of large-scale infrastructure rebuilding project offers in the nearest future.

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