Did you ever think of what are the study hacks? Why the students are asked to follow the useful study hacks? Does it truly works out? To study well, we all need high concentration which is tough to attain. There are a few ways to attain it, but many ways to distract your mind.
Concentration in studies is not an easy game for everyone. During exam season, it is crucial for students to overcome their laziness and excuses. It is not possible for many students to study continuously.

We are a group of students from CBSE schools in Amravatiwho have worked out on some study hacks as suggested by our teachers and seniors and found the results are great.
Here are some study hacks that can help any students to study in better ways comparing to normal ways of studies.

5 study hacks

Drinking water

Water is essential for body, and we all know this truth. It keeps our body hydrated. For a student, it is essential to stay hydrated in all the seasons. Water is also essential for brain functioning. A well hydrated body increases alertness and regulates body functions properly.

Light or instrumental music

Music is a mind freshener. It is like a soothing balm. You need breaks in between. Anyone cannot simply keep studying. The students need breaks from a potential monotonous study session. To refresh your mind and relax yourself, opt for the light music or the instrumental music. One can also play a tune if he/she has fine fingers on playing the musical instruments.

Don’t forget it is a small break of 15-20 minutes, but not a music session or musical practice class. So, simply don’t continue for long.

Light snacks

Food provides energy, but remembers heavy diets make you feel lazy. So in the breaks, try to eat some light snacks just to give a reason to drink water. Don’t forget, it is not your lunch break or dinner time. Eat the food you love in small quantity that provides energy to your body and a satisfaction of having your choicest food.

Energy again helps to develop concentration which is the utmost need during studies.

5 minutes break

All students differ from each other. Some have good level of concentration that continues for long, and many others can’t contrite more than an hour or sometimes even less. The students can take only five minutes break after an hour. In this break they can simply close their eyes and empty their mind for a while.

If you close the eyes and still keep thinking about the study, then the break in meaningless.

Use your study table

The students need to arrange a study table for them; they should not choose any alternatives like sitting on the floor, or on the bed to study. It all makes you feel lazy, especially lying on the bed and then studying. I bet you fall asleep soon. So, just make a rule to use a chair and a study table to study sincerely.


The above 5 study hacks are effective for any students. Being the teacher of CBSE schools in Amravati, we have experienced it all and achieved a great success in the student’s progress. The parents are very thankful to the teachers to avail them the ideas about it. In student’s progress, there is also a great role-played by the parents by arranging them the needful things required during study breaks.

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