While planning Hurghada excursions tourist have a lot in mind where to go and what to visit. El Gouna Excursions is a magical place and leaves a mark on the memories. After the economy boom, Hurghada government has started to invest heavily in Hurghada sites. The tourist is pouring throughout the year and things to do never run out.

Following are top five things to do if visiting Hurghada.

Gota Abu Ramada Dive Site

There are different names for this place but the most common name for this place is Aquarium.
This place is enormous and has a vast amount of marine life inside it. This place is also called training Aquarium. The area is used by the professional divers. All new divers gather throughout the year to take their first lesson in diving. The area is enough to teach a lot of divers.

The marine life gives these new divers a glimpse of what Gota Abu Ramada has in store for them. Following are a few types of fish which are present in the water Clownfish, Triggerfish and Lionfish. Only a few lucky divers also get the glimpse of the eagle rays.

Bedouin Village

The place is very beautiful and is present in the heart of the Desert. These dinners are offered by different resorts where tourist are staying. The food which is offered in these dinners is authentic Egyptian food. This food is one of its own kind and can only be offered here in the Bedouin village.

Most tourist who visits Bedouin for a dinner is foodies. The Egyptian food has its own class only locals of Bedouin can produce this. The sitting area is full of Egyptian style colors of sheets and huge pillows. The place gives the old Egyptian vibe.

Camel Riding

No matter where are you in the world camel riding is one of the most beautiful experience one can have. Camels are ancient animals that were used by the people who were crossing deserts. Since the passage of time and inventions, only a few people get the chance to enjoy the camel rides.

On deserts, these camels last for days without water and are reliable enough to go through harsh heat. Plus the back of the camel is really comfortable. A tourist visiting Hurghada Egypt always recommend the fun. The back also provides a clear view of the desert.

Desert Safari

The desert safari is a must do if you are on Hurghada excursions. Desert safari is one of its kind and different companies have planned a different kind of safari for their customers. Quad bikes are given to the tourist and then the whole caravan of Quad bikes travel to one site together. A tourist enjoys the vast desert while driving their own quad bike.

Stars Night

After the desert Safari, the night of the desert is amazing and beautiful. The stars appear in the sky and it is scenery to remember. People lay in the sand for hours while watching the starts.

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