All around the globe, weddings have always been defined with ceremonies, festivities and auspiciousness. However, in this era of technological and economic boom, weddings go much above and beyond the quintessential ceremonies and traditions. The momentous wedding happenings have now come to be loaded with glitz and glamour. Wedding trends keep evolving at a great pace and with each year comes a fancy trend that takes the wedding season by storm. Also, with the social media platforms serving as crucial channels of letting the world know that you are “now hitched”, you would want your wedding to be on top of the game! Destination weddings have been in vogue for the past couple of decades. Local or on foreign land, mesmerising destinations add the perfect shimmer to your romantic do. Let us have a look at some of the trendiest destination wedding ideas that are completely in vogue and promise to make your wedding the most memorable affair of the year!

  • 1. Go Unplugged.

We are seeing a lot of wedding ceremonies going unplugged. One of the reasons could be the numerous celebrities indulging in this practice at their weddings. Requesting the guests to keep their cellphones away helps them participate wholeheartedly and enjoy the ceremonies with complete enthusiasm. No random clicks and flashes from cell phones all around the venue also ensures that fantastic photographs get clicked by the hired professional photographers for your destination wedding.

  • 2. An Exquisite Wedding Cake

No matter what kind of customs or traditions you follow while tying the knot, a statement cake is sure to grab every guest’s attention and garner a lot of appreciation. A gorgeously baked, lip-smacking cake not only pleases the taste buds but also aids in creating eye-catching, insta-worthy pictures!

  • 3. Free-Form Setup

Traditionally, the set-up for the wedding ceremonies required the invitees to be seated in straight rows. Though, this kind of formal set-up seems to never go out of style, the latest fad is to have circular seating arrangements. Such round setting gives an opportunity to extensively experiment with the internal décor, entrance etc. It also helps the guests with an unobstructed and clear view of the wedding ceremony. We as leading destination wedding photographer in Delhi really appreciate such settings as it helps create a comprehensive wedding album.

  • 4. Illustrated and Customised Invitations.

Having your wedding card personalised as per your and your partner’s taste is such a novel idea. Unleash your creativity and let the world know about your destination wedding with an unconventional wedding card! Uber cool illustrations can be done on your wedding card and your wedding card can be an ingenious work of art.

  • 5. Gift Your Guests.

Handing over return gifts to your guests who came all the way to your wedding destination is like honouring their presence and blessings. Giving small personalised gifts to the guests, as small tokens to love and gratitude, add a special warmth and grace to the celebration. Make your guests feel special with small favors handed over to them upon their arrival or keep them in their rooms. Customised give-away hampers or gift baskets are an ongoing trend and most likely it won’t fade away soon!

To capture all the intimate and special moments at your fairytale destination wedding you need to appoint a well-equipped photographer and videographer. Wedding photography is a vital prerequisite of any wedding! Team Subodh Bajpai Photography keeps a keen on all the hot trends in wedding photography and creatively incorporate them into our style. If seasoned destination wedding photographers is what you are looking for, We can offer the best in the class services. We are just a call away!

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I am Subodh Bajpai Director of Subodh Bajpai Photography, With a Post Graduate degree in Photography from esteemed Jamia Milia University and an intense passion for photography, Subodh Bajpai has grown into one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi, India.