We all understand the importance of exercise in our daily's life. It increases our energy levels, keeps us fit for the whole day, helps to make friends and overall it's a way of fun to keep our body, heart, mind, and soul refresh all the day. That's why we prefer going to the gym for exercise or morning work or jogging as a part of maintaining our exercise life. But what would happen if you have got some problems with doing exercise outside? It may be your kid's safety, or maybe you are running out of time, or whatever the reason is, have you ever think of home workout? More especially do you have any idea about what is home exercise program? Although it sometimes refers to applicable for patients or older people, I am going to show you the top 7 exercises which you can do at your home conveniently. This exercise are for all ages of people including kids, students, elder even for an older adult who are incredibly fighting with excessive weight in their body and wants to lose weight let's say 5 pounds fast at home.

So, let's get started with the Top 6 exercise to lose weight fast at home and enjoy a slim, stunning body by a stay at home.

Basic Home Workout:
• Push-ups: push-up is essential and perfect for health. Start with some variation and son you'll get some good technique to complete within the shortest time. You can also go into the next level once you can do minimum 8-10 reps continuously without dropping you back or stop suddenly, or even shaking unsteadily.
• Lunges: first, you can start by doing a set of simple back lunges. It will help you to strong your buttocks and thigh muscles. And when you will able to make 8-10 lunges quite frequently without any support, you can try with four thrusts to get more strength.
• Planks: A plank is the best exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles and to support your back. It's also a very easy process. Just hold the plank position for 15 sacs minimum. When you get stronger, you can eventually increase the time up to thirty seconds to one minute.
• Squats: The squat is essential as it deals with the main muscles in your lower body and helps to form firm buttocks and thighs in proper shapes. While doing squirts always perform a distance between your feet and hip. In this time your hip would sink behind as if you are sitting straightly in a chair.

Home Workout with Types of Equipment:

If you prefer to use equipment at home to get the gym exercise taste, then a stationary bike would be best. Rather than using small balls or springs or heavy dumbles, a stationary bike would help you to get every level of fitness by doing low-impact exercise. Although you may need to invest a little more, it needs only once. More importantly, it can save your body from getting unnecessary injuries and also help you to learn the best bike workout in a realistic way.
It's also great for beginners who want to lose weight without doing heavy exercise by maintaining a fitness regimen. You can run solo or group-wise and perform the best exercise bike to lose weight fast. As because you can keep the speed and resistance level by yourself, it's an unbelievable way to challenge yourself. It's fully customizable to your fitness level and goals.

Working out often with an exercise bike is an excellent idea for your body and mind. However, if you have got another specific goal—like losing weight, or lowering body fat share, or building muscle—you'll have to be compelled to combine your exercise routine with bike exercise. Whether you are genuinely looking for a low-impact exercise to burn calories or to develop a gentle fitness routine, or want a build your body with new gym boredom, try these stationary bike exercise and enjoy the dream shape of your body.

Home workouts app:

Home Workouts helps to follow the daily workout routine without fail. By doing a few minutes calorie-burning exercise in a day, you can absolutely build muscles and keep fitness as it is without even going to the gym. Suppose if you don't get interested in using any equipment's and not interested in the gym also then the mobile App would be the best solution for you to perform the exercise well.

Nowadays, all smartphones come with different fitness level apps where you will get stunning workouts for your abs, chest, arms, legs, and butt and full body as well. All the exercises designed by consultants, and none of them are instrument related. So you can plan for some minutes each day and strengthen your muscles and get six-packs.
Usually, all the apps will have:
• Simple Warm-up and also stretching routines
• Records your training progress automatically
• Maintain a chart to tracks your weight trends
• Customize your daily workout reminders and so on
You can get different apps. Such as:
• Bodybuilding
• Strength Training
• Home Workouts for both Men and women
• Fat Burning Workouts
• HIIT Workouts
• Multiple Exercises
Fitness Coach


To create a balanced bike exercise program, start by doing 10 minutes each day, and continue for 1-2 weeks. If you are comfortable with that, then increase the timing and speed slowly to get the desired result. If you're interested in App using follow the same procedure. We expect after completing your primary level; you would be able to see the changes before going to the next level

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