It can be quite difficult to choose the right gift for a lawyer especially when you want to select something that is relevant and meaningful. Tech gadgets are always a safe bet when thinking of great holiday gifts to get for lawyers.

However, there are several great holiday tech gifts and gadgets for lawyers available. Choosing one can be quite difficult and that is why we selected 6 great ones. They include:
A Laptop For Lawyer and Law Student
• Temperature Control Smart Mug
• Airpods Pro
• Multi Device Wireless Charger
• Wireless Printer
• Encrypted Flash Drives

If your budget does not cover the items above, don’t worry we have a solution. Below, we explain some gift giving etiquette guidelines you should consider when thinking up alternative tech gifts and gadgets for lawyers.

Criteria for Selecting Holiday Tech Gifts and Gadgets for Lawyers

When selecting a tech gift or gadget for a lawyer, ensure that you consider the following:

Consider Personality

While you may choose to focus on their lawyer persona, you can also consider other activities they engage in outside their profession. If the gift you select does not resonate with the lawyer’s likes then you are better off not buying anything.

Consider Relevance

In terms of relevance, the gift needs to either hold a sentimental value or be useful for the lawyer’s work or personal life. Again, if the tech gadget lacks relevance, it may end up at the bottom of the closet without being used.

Draw up a List

One you have factored in the personality of your giftee and suitable tech gadgets that can be useful, the next thing is to draw up a list. With this list, you can compare cost based on the budget you have and rank potential gifts according to importance.

6 Great Holiday Tech Gifts and Gadgets for Lawyers

Using the criteria we mentioned above, we were able to identify 6 suitable holiday tech gifts and gadgets for lawyers. They include:


For lawyers, mobility is important, but at the same time being able to work while being mobile is equally as important. A laptop affords a lawyer with that opportunity. If they want to write a memo from the back of a car or review case files while waiting for a client meeting, a laptop makes it easy.

Apart from being portable, the laptop needs to also have a great keyboard. Typing memos or making notes from case files would not be easy if the laptop had stuck keys. It would even be better if the laptop came with a detachable keyboard or on-screen touchpad.

Finally, the screen quality of the laptop must be factored in as for lawyers, most of their time will be spent reading. A laptop with a bad glare or screen brightness makes it difficult to read.

Using the criteria of portability, good keyboard, and screen quality, a good laptop to buy would be the 17” LG Gram. However, you can check out NetbookNews for other alternatives.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Due to the amount of energy being a lawyer demands, coffee and tea drinking is a part of the lifestyle of a lawyer. When working on case files or reading up new laws from the comfort of the home or office, it becomes easy for a lawyer to forget their coffee or tea beside them. If left in a simple mug, the beverage can get cold pretty fast.

A way to show your lawyer friend or loved one that you are aware of their habits is by getting them a Temperature Control Smart Mug. With the smart mug, any beverage in it is kept at the exact chosen temperature for up to 90 minutes. This way the lawyer never has to worry about drinking cold coffee.

Airpods Pro

For a lawyer, time is money. Therefore, when possible they always try to multi-task whether it is driving to a client meeting while reviewing case files or putting up a case defense while advising a client.

A tech gadget that makes it easy to multitask are the Airpods Pro. These handsfree earbuds ensure that the lawyer is aware of incoming calls, receives them while still using his or her hands for another task.

Also, if you find that your lawyer friend or loved one easily gets annoyed by environmental noise, the Airpods Pro has a noise-canceling feature.

Multi-Device Wireless Charger

If a lawyer is going to be mobile, that means all devices on them must be mobile as well. As a result, all gadgets need to stay on and functional up until the point the lawyer calls it a day. However, dragging a power cord everywhere is impracticable as this also requires being able to locate a power outlet.

The best solution for ensuring all devices stay on is to get a multi-device wireless charger. With the multi-device wireless charger, all devices can remain fully charged. The multi-device wireless charger is also compatible with a wide range of products from laptops, phones to Airpods.

Wireless Printer

As much as we would like for less paper to be used in the world, the lawyer profession isn’t quite there yet. Case files and memos are still being typed on letter heads and printed. To help your lawyer friend with their printing activities, why not get a printer?

What type of printer do lawyers prefer? For one, a printer that has great printing speed and does not require wired connections to get it working.

Encrypted Flash Drives

Lawyers deal with different clients and information shared by these clients are meant to be confidential. However, occasions may arise where client information needs to be shared. Instead of printing out such sensitive information, a tool like a flash drive becomes handy.

Such flash drives need to have encryptions so that if they fall into the wrong hands, the information on them is not compromised.

How Do I Select a Great Gift for a Colleague?

When giving gifts to your colleagues, it is advisable not to get too personal. As a result, things like perfume, jewelry and clothes are a no.

It is advisable to get something practical but not too impersonal like a tech gift. Wine and liquor are also often appreciated but then again you have to consider whether your colleague appreciates liquor.

Is There a Way To Get Tech Gifts on a Budget?

The truth is you don’t have to splurge to get the perfect tech gift. There are several tech gadgets you can find for certain budgets.

For example, with a $20 budget, you can get a Phone Holder or a Bluetooth Keyboard. All you have to do is search in the right places.


When choosing greal holiday tech gifts and gadgets for lawyers, the first thing you should consider is the personality of the giftee. Next should be the relevance of the gift. When these two things are combined, making a choice out of the several tech gadgets on the market should be easier.

Do you feel that we left out tech gifts and gadgets that are greater on the ones on our list? Let us know in the comment section and we just might do a follow up post with another list roundup.

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