White sand, crystal- clear water and plenty of sunshine are such wonderful components for your next Vietnam family tour with your kids. If you look for a place suiting for all members, these beaches below will not let you down.

1. Lang Co Beach (Hue)
Situated in the central coastal strip, Lang Co is known as a gentle beach with an average temperature of about 250C in summer. Due to its charming natural scenery, Lang Co is the 3rd bay of Vietnam, after Ha Long and Nha Trang, named in the list of 30 most beautiful bays in the world. Paying a visit to this place, you may have the golden opportunity to take some instagrammable photos, tower over majestic scenes from the high pass. Travellers also can savour seafood dishes, take part in beach games and visit some attractions such as Chan May, Lang Co Fishing Village near the beach. This small and quiet town definitely offers you a great time to relax with your family.

2. My Khe (Da Nang)

My Khe Beach must be an attractive option when you have a Vietnam private tour. Officially known as Non Nuoc, the beach appeals tourist by a range of breathtaking views. Your kids can have a stroll, feel a lovely sensation on their bare feet or rollick in the coastline. Meanwhile, you can blend into the beaten track by finding a stall and hearing people talk about their daily lives. Day trips are usually combined with paying a visit to Linh Ung Pagoda or looking over from the top of Monkey Mountain. All locations create a miracle tourism complex, so you are able to have a memorable adventure when staying here.

3. Vinpearl Land (Nha Trang)

For families seeking vibrant beat of the sea, you can opt for Vinpearl Land in your tours in Vietnam. Just a short cable car ride from Nha Trang City and your children will be fascinated by many recreational activities. Vinpearl Land has spacious and extensive space, so tourists can play plenty of adventure games such as scuba diving, canoes, windsurfing,…In particularly, Nha Trang is famous for a large theme park where dreams of your kids can come true. Your family can spend time watching beautiful mermaids swim under the ocean, dolphins and seals. Furthermore, colorful and magnificent water music shows will bring the perfect moments to your family. What an excellent site!!

4. An Bang Beach (Hoi An)

This place is one of the few unspoiled and pristine beaches in Vietnam. With its idyllic backdrop and easily accessible location from Danang International Airport, An Bang Beach is perfect for a weekend getaway or a longer stay. You can soak up the sun and enjoy an array of seaside activities whenever you want. Whether you have an infant who loves building sandcastles or an adolescent keening on windsurfing and scuba- diving, the beach can satisfy all your demands. An array of affordable dining options at An Bang Beach, ranging from fresh seafood and Vietnamese BBQ to authentic Italian and French are also served in a cosy ambience.

5. Ho Tram Beach (Vung Tau)
With the beach stretching over 10km, you can immerse yourself in the turquoise sea water, relax on the long white sand and bathe in the morning sun. When the sun goes down, your family can pick up a basket boat at Luoi Market to enjoy fresh seafood dishes. Buying seafood from the market or going to the beach to make your own food is an interesting experience in your Vietnam customized tour. In fact, Ho Tram is one of the 10 most affordable beaches of Asia voted by SkyScanner website in early 2013, so you can easily buy cuisine with reasonable prices.

6. An Hai Beach (Con Dao)
An Hai Beach allures tourists by the combination of soft sand and emerald water stretching out of sight. Located on the longest coast of Con Dao and right in the centre of Con Son town make this a great spot for a lazy family day by the ocean. In the breaking dawn, you may see the scenery of fishermen carrying fish, preparing fishing gear for the boat trip. While economic development is on the way, it's easy to find quiet corners and shores for the family- gathering after hectic works.

7. Mui Ne Beach (Phan Thiet)
Mui Ne is famous for white-crested waves, so this is an ideal beach for adventurous games. Teenagers in your family may eager to learn how to surf on the crashing waves off the coast or try snorkeling. Thanks to its unique climate, Mui Ne Beach receives less annual rainfall than the rest of area. Therefore, your family can have more time to play outside as well as sunbathing in the seashore. There is also a wide range of family-friendly resorts and local restaurant waiting for you to discover.

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