In recent years the health information technology market has exploded. This is in part thanks to the federal incentive program, which has significantly increased the adoption of both electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR). If you’re currently looking into converting and maintaining electronic records, the sheer number of vendors available can make this process a little overwhelming. To ensure you and your medical practice make the best possible choice, we’ve compiled a lost of vendors leading the way in both EMR and EHR software.

Most Popular HER/EMR Systems

GE: GE’s EMR system offers exceptional customizability. This particular EMR system gives you a selection of ambulatory options that you can integrate into your day-to-day activities. With this system, you can easily share vital patient data with other medical facilities whilst you are on the go. If you opt for GE’s EMR system, this will easily take care of your practice management and revenue. This means you can concentrate on spending time with your patients.

Intergy: This system is specifically designed to help improve workflow. This EHR system will complete everything from medical billing to scheduling your appointments. The main focus of this system is streamlining patient check-in.

Meditech: The Meditech EHR system makes it easy for providers to view lab results, previous patient data and medical histories anywhere. You will also be able to view Continuity of Care Documents from other software providers. This ensures you can provide the best possible care for your patients.

McKesson: This is a web-based EMR system that offers a highly intuitive user interface. With this system, providers will be able to enjoy features including lab integration, ePrescribing and patient portal access. All your updates will occur automatically, so there’s no need to worry about keeping track of any software updates.

Intersystems TrakCare: This software uses a variety of clinical, administrative and departmental modules to help create an up-to-date and comprehensive medical record for every patient. This ensures you can provide optimal patient care.

NextGen: This system is a great option for physicians who continually migrate between hospitals, offices and other medical facilities, as you will easily be able to share and manage patient records online and on the go.

Acute Care: Acute Care is another Cerner solution. This system allows physicians to upload and store patient data in both acute and ambulatory settings. Also, both patients and physicians will be able to access these health records in real-time, rather than waiting days for the results to be posted.

patientNOW: patientNOW is a comprehensive software system designed to help manage an aesthetic medical office. This system is very specific to dermatology, plastic surgery and other aesthetic medical practices.

Which System is Right for You?

As you can see, there is a vast array of solutions to pick and choose from. It is critical that you take the time to consider a wide range of EMR systems before picking the correct one for your needs. Make sure to find out more info on your top contenders before choosing a new solution.

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