Businesses are booming all over the world. Many sectors like automobiles, smartphones, the Internet of Things, etc., are undergoing a change that has led to the birth of many companies. But it has been seen that these startup companies cannot flourish for a long time due to a lack of market exposure and fundamental training and coaching. Business Coaching has become the most urgent need of the hour to sustain these startups. If the chief executive officer of the company or business is coached in the right way, then both the company and the GDP will flourish. But some points are needed to be kept in mind not to expect from business coaching, and they are as follows: -

1- Don't Expect A 'Yes Man' From Business Coaching : When something new is taught to the chief executive officers, they take it to their ego, and they are reluctant to learn these new tactics, which are crucial for the development of the business. As the CEOs are in the topmost positions in the company, they have always given orders and become addicted to them. So they expect the same from the business coaches as well. But one should not expect it from a good CEO advisor.

2- Don't Expect Easy Tasks From Coaches : Many CEOs don't want to take on challenges, and they are just looking for comfort everywhere. But what they don't know is that all the development occurs outside the comfort zone. They should not expect easy tasks from the business coaches because, in the end, these easy tasks will not help them anywhere. Always seek the help of a good CEO advisory group and follow all their guidelines. Do something challenging because the competition is cutting edge in the market.

3- Don't Expect An Out Of Box Strategy : What business coaches teach is the very fundamentals of the business. They don't teach rocket science or stuff like that. It is believed that every business coach has some secret ingredient, which they will give to the CEO, and their business will follow a V curve recovery. But this seems to be the biggest myth in the market. There is no secret potion. You have to work hard with utmost dedication and perseverance to stand out from other competitors. The advisory group CEO can help a lot, but don't expect anything out of the box.

4- Don't Expect That Your Coach Will Do Things For You : Some CEOs believe that all they have to do is attend lectures by business coaches and do nothing else, and their business will boom suddenly overnight. But this is their biggest mistake. They should not expect from the coaches that they will give them all the market data in the pre-cooked form. The CEOs should provide time to understand the learning pattern of the market parameters. They should take data collection and manipulate the data to get useful results and so on by themselves. CEO training programs only give guidance, but you have to put in the efforts yourself.

5- Don't Expect A Costly Investment : Business coaching is one of the least inexpensive compared to personalized coaches. So one should not expect from the coach that he will give him training for a big investment because they take less fee and in return, they give you special training and guidance which they have after years of experience. For a costly investment, take the help of private coaches. CEO organizations know these facts, so they keep a list of private coaches as well.

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