Well, are you the person who is looking your way to knowing the top Pipes, and their use?

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With that being said – Following are the top pipes, including their use in the industry.

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GI Pipes

Use of GI Pipes:

Water & Sewage
Electric Poles
Structural Purposes
Engineering Purposes

Seamless Pipe

Use of Seamless Pipe:

Ship Building
Oil Rigs
Oil Field Requirement
Pressure Vessels
Machinery Parts & Offshore Rigs

Stainless Steel Pipe

Use of Stainless Steel Pipe:

Architecture & Construction
Automotive & Transportation
Energy & Heavy Industries
Food & Catering

Spiral Welded Pipe

Use of Spiral Welded Pipe:

Civil Engineering Construction

ERW Pipe

Use of ERW Pipe:

Engineering Purposes
Line Pipes

Since we covered the top pipes, including their use in the industry.

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