One of the major cities in which North India is becoming an increasingly preferred destination for establishing offices is Mohali in the state of Punjab. Mohali is a town close to Chandigarh and with good facilities makes it favourable for setting up a head office or expansion of an existing one. Today, we shall look at various reasons that make Mohali good for office spaces Mohali.

  • Strategic Location

Businesses benefit a great deal from being in the location of Mohali. That means it is situated very near by the national capital of both Haryana and Punjab called Chandigarh. In addition, Chandigarh International Airport is merely 30 minutes’ drive making it easily accessible and enabling easy air connectivity. Mohali is also well connected by roads and highways with other major cities such as Delhi, Ambala and Panchkula for ease of access. The ease of movement of goods, workers and clients is ensured by this prime site within the tr-city region. Such a strategic position allows access to the many talent pools in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. Also, it brings businesses closer to the markets of these areas. Therefore, the strategic position is in general considered as a great gain for logistics and access to resources.

  • Developed Infrastructure

The infrastructure development in Mohali has been huge in the last decade. The city’s government seeks to improve roads and communication ways. The government has undertaken wide construction of roads, flyovers and underpasses that are intended to boost the flow of traffic and shorten time taken when commuting among other reasons within the city. The residents have access to public bus services. Other important utilities such as power, water, and telecom networks have also been improved to boost resilient supply. Some of the residential and commercial spaces even have specified power backups so as not to face any disturbances. Additionally, Mohali has fibre network and high speed 4G connectivity. This has led to the creation of a digitalised surrounding environment due to these infrastructure developments. As a result, Mohali already has solid infrastructure in place to meet the demands of a modern office.

  • Availability of Quality Office Spaces

In addition, Mohali boasts wide options of shops for offices and shops with increasing demand. You can also choose between independent floors and built-to-suit complexes found in localities with varying costs. Most of the new commercial projects are built with the latest amenities and facilities. Such things as sufficient parking space, secure environment, and many more make these offices self-efficient. Companies have an option of going for either coworking spaces or SOHOs based on their size and budget constraints. Good office environments are crucial to productivity.

  • Supportive Government Policies

To encourage business and industrialisation, Punjab State Government has initiated a couple of friendly investor’s policies. These policies have benefitted Mohali which is an industrial hub. Taxes are low which along with subsidies and incentive induce business investors to set up their offices there. Tax breaks and holiday status in special economic zones (SEZs). The policy on land acquisition and clearance makes it easy to set up. With the supportive business environment more investors and expansions occur in that region.

  • Availability of Talent Pool

In Mohali, there are reputable educations institutions that give skilled and qualified personnel which include Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh University among others. Nairobi has a diverse qualified, semi-qualified and professional labour force that can be used in different sectors. The extended catchments of talents are proximity to Chandigarh. High employee retention ensures consistency in operations. The readily available talent pool for businesses saves them from spending time, money, training and recruitment cost in Mohali.

  • Amenities and Living Standards

Mohali is known to offer high class facilities both to work and for entertainment hence it is friendly to employees. There are modern malls, restaurants and other places where one can relax after work. They are located near healthcare facilities. The international school system exists for families seeking to move. Residential estates have gated access, and they carry on club houses in order to support their lifestyle. A healthy work-life balance enhances employee effectiveness and happiness.

  • Lower Operational Costs

It is easier and cheaper to establish and operate offices in Mohali compared to other major cities. Other costs such as office rents, salaries, utilities and maintenance are also lowered. For instance, available lands as well as build-ups in low cost enhance capital expenditure. Low logistic costs arising from proximity to raw materials sources and markets, Moreover, lower taxes also lead to a decrease in the total cost of ownership. Instead, the company can save them and invest them back in its business expansion.

  • Emerging Hub for Startups

Mohali is quickly becoming known as a thriving centre of startup activities and innovations. New ventures are nursed by incubators. They offer flexible, plug-and-play solutions at affordable setup costs. Entrepreneurs are attracted by young population and risk capital accessibility. People become motivated to emulate other successful exits of startups. Hence, this thriving startup culture encourages joint efforts and idea sharing. The process of hiring for niche skills and coming up with new ideas becomes more manageable.


Mohali has become a business-friendly place with good infrastructures, availability of quality commercial property Mohali, favourable government policies, and cheaper operational costs. Good positioning, manpower availability, infrastructure of office and security are some factors that make the city a suitable place to establish office. Mohali has emerged as a startup hub with friendly environment for career/business expansion. Given continuous improvement, it is expected that city will attract more local as well as the global firms in subsequent years.

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