Being in love with an ex boyfriend is never an easy thing. Any woman who is in this situation typically spends hours each day reminiscing about when things were good between her and the man she adores. She wishes she could turn back time so he'd love her all over again. If this sounds like you, there's no need to spend another moment wishing you could get him back. You actually can make it happen and it's much easier than you may think. Learning how to make your ex boyfriend miss you is actually the key to reclaiming his heart. Once you understand how to accomplish this you can have him back in your arms in no time at all.

Learning how to make your ex boyfriend miss you starts with recognizing that distance does in fact make the heart grow fonder. As women we tend to have a very hands-on approach when we want to make a man love us. We want to spend as much time as we can with him and when it comes to winning back the love of an ex, that's no exception. You probably have been guilty of calling him repeatedly trying to regain his attention and you may have even resorted to sending him a long email explaining just how much you love him. Doing anything like this will almost always result in your ex remaining your ex. He will actually want to create even more distance between you two if you constantly try and talk with him about what went wrong. Instead, you've got to stop talking to him altogether. Make a vow to yourself, beginning today, that you won't contact him at all for a few weeks. If you can do this, you'll be well on your way to getting him back.

Men fall in love with women when they miss them. This is true whether it's a new relationship or one that is going through a rough time. During your time apart be selfish and focus completely on yourself. Work to improve who you are as a woman. Do the things you've long wanted to do but have been putting off. That might mean chasing a degree that you pushed aside or just taking a tropical vacation with a friend. You need to send a very loud and clear message to your ex that you're fine without him and that you can actually grow as a person when you're on your own. This will only make him want you more as it will highlight exactly what he's missing. Learn more on how to make a man fall in love with you again, click here!

The first step to get your ex boyfriend to miss you is the hardest. You have to stop talking to the man. Not for an hour or two, but for a week or two or even better an entire month. Right away you're imagining that during that time he'll meet another woman, fall helplessly in love with her and get married while your back is turned. That's not going to happen at all. He'll actually think about you more when you talk to him less. He'll start to obsess over the fact that you've dropped off the face of the earth and he'll begin to wonder whether you're the one who has found someone to replace him.

You have already experienced what it feels like to deal with a mixture of emotions, but now you can't figure out what to do next. You know in your heart that you still care for your boyfriend, but may not be sure how to make him miss you like crazy. There are many things you can do to make sure he is truly missing you.

You don't just want him to miss you; you want him to miss you like crazy. Yes, this is very possible. You may not realize it, but you do have the majority of power in the relationship. If you work your magic correctly, you are more than capable of driving him crazy.

Travel During the Weekend
He will miss you like crazy if you decide to just travel during the weekend. It doesn't matter where you are going; in his imagination he can picture you doing all sorts of things. This leaves him having no control, which will make him miss you more than ever.

Use Social Networks
With social networks being popular today, this is one of the best ways to make him miss you. If he is still very interested in you, he will try anything to be close to you. Post comments on your social networks that will catch his attention and leave him wondering what exactly you meant. Learn more on how to effectively use this technique; go here now!

Have Fun For Your Happiness
When you are having fun, make sure that you are not only doing it for him, but also for yourself. It is important to not forget about your happiness. There is only so much pretending you can handle, until you realize that you need to be happy for yourself.

Keep Your Secrets
When you talk to him, be a little secretive about what is going on in your life. This is going to drive him crazy and make him miss you, because he has no clue what you are up to. Since he thinks he knows you well, he will be shocked when you keep secrets from him.

Taunt Him
Since you are a woman, you have the benefit of taunting him with your curves and sexiness. Use these to your advantage, to leave him drooling over you. There is no way he will be able to deny how appealing you are and how much he misses holding you close. The best way to use this technique is explained more Right Here

Stay Out of Reach
Now that you have him interested in how you look and what you are doing, stay out of his reach. Avoid talking to him as much as possible, and avoid his calls. The harder you are to reach, the more he is going to miss you.

Take care not to ignore completely
You don't want to chase your boyfriend away so take care not to ignore him completely either. Be concerned and caring the way he's been used to so that he misses these when you're not around. Do call occasionally to check about him.

Take up a new activity
Let him see that you are now involved with a new activity or hobby that keeps you busy most of your earlier free time. Let him see how involved and keen you are about this new activity that you would be unwilling to neglect it even for him.

You could lay the conditions
This new activity would give you an upper hand to lay down conditions. If your boyfriend wants to meet you or date you then you'll be available only over the next weekend only during a particular time. This will make him miss the freely available time you used to give him earlier.

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