For any garage to function well, some basic yet necessary tools are needed. There are a few that top the list. You can discover more about garage tools and equipment at So if you are looking for garage tools, here are the top six garage tools and equipment.

1. Automotive Lifts

Automotive lifts function by hoisting cars in a garage. I mean you can't lift it by yourself, so you need the help of a machine. They are used for alignment or parking hence vital. They also come in different models and sizes. Equally important is knowing the kinds of lifts to have. Besides the normal four-post lift, there is a two-post lift.

2. Automotive Compressors

Every other day in a typical garage, you will need to pump air to a tire. With an air compressor, you will have an easy time filling up those tires with air. If you do some painting, air compressors come in handy as well. There are three types of air compressors; portable, horizontal, and vertical. You can then purchase all of them.

3. Heavy Duty Tool Box

We all want to work in an organized garage. A toolbox is where you keep all your tools. A toolbox works best if it is put to use. After using your tools, safely keep them in the box to prevent misplacing them. Also, build a tool chest that has drawers. It will accommodate more tools. In addition to keeping your garage neat and organized, keeping the tools in a toolbox makes accountability very easy.

4. Diagnostic Tools

Any mechanic knows that a vehicle has several systems. All these systems have different diagnostic tools. Diagnostic tools are those tools you use to identify the mechanical problem in a vehicle. To be an effective mechanic and have a well-functioning garage, you need all the diagnostic tools. Have a leak detector, diagnostic tools for the lighting, battery, electrical system, etc. Furthermore, the various types of diagnostic tools are listed at

5. Fluid Service Equipment

Just like humans, vehicles too, need fluids to function well. The fluids in the vehicle need regular replacement. To make your work easy, you need fluid service tools. Get yourself a brake bleeder, grease pump, transmission fluid exchanger, and a fluid evacuator. However, having just a few of these won't work. Once again, you need a variety to satisfy the needs of all your clients. Check out fluid service types of equipment at and find out which one you do not have.

6. Exhaust Equipment

In any garage, you are sure to find exhaust in the air. This is because; vehicles are normally taken to the garage to fix problems with their exhaust system as well. As a result, the garage's air may have smoke and dust particles and consequently be harmful to your health. The exhaust equipment is necessary to keep your garage fresh and conducive to work in. The preferable one is the exhaust ventilation system.

Final Words

The top six types of garage tools and equipment are not the only tools you need. Having them allows you to at least offer the basic and most commonly sought services. Lastly, if you want more and detailed information about these types of garage tools, visit

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