To seek new perspectives with well-informed opinions the Swedish Universities emphasize on developing the ability to question the status quo by assessing information. Study in Sweden and be the next pioneer. Several Swedish universities are ranked by the Times Higher Education and the Academic Ranking of World Universities for bagging the world’s top seats of learning.

Sweden takes the top position in offering a large number of university degree programmes and courses that are taught in English marking it to be the top three in the world for English proficiency consistently. In Sweden, English is spoken as if it is a native language as you will find your university, vicinity and also your neighbourhood will be filled with English speaking people.

To help you plant your higher education in Sweden below mentioned is the most preferred list of universities in Sweden for international students. So, go through them to finalise your university at your dream destination.

Uppsala University:
The Uppsala University has a QS World Ranking of 116. A cultural capital with rich music and age-old heritage culture along with history filled museums and gardens are Uppsala’s speciality. For local and international students to study in Sweden the university offers various degrees in the subjects like energy transition, game design and graphics and energy transition under bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies.

Linnaeus University:
It is named after a world-renowned scientist Carl Linnaeus, who was born in the same located where the university is located. There are more than 40-degree courses and 500 courses in English offered by the university at undergraduate and graduate levels. This university is highly involved into research studies including subjects like labour market studies, social security issues, entrepreneurship, bioscience and others. Linnaeus University has close tie-ups with IKEA. The university is ranked 14th in Sweden

University of Skovde:
Well known for its research specialties across the world in areas like Informatics, System Biology, Virtual Engineering, Health and Learning the university is established in 1977. The domestic and international students are equally involved in the decision-making process at the university as it is a part of the university culture. At the undergraduate and graduate levels various courses like Bioscience, Informatics, engineering and technology is offered along with doctoral studies as well. International students can also check out for the scholarships that are applicable. The university is ranked 24th in Sweden.

Halmstad University:
The Halmstad University is renowned world-wide for the research in interdisciplinary innovation. The university is ranked 19th in Sweden.

Halmstad University offers:
• Digital Service Innovation
• Embedded and Intelligent Systems
• Industrial Management
• Innovation
• Information Technology
• Strategic Entrepreneurship for international growth
• Applied Environmental Sciences
Contact the nearest Study Abroad Consultants to get guidance about the entire process. You have got it all in Sweden. So, go for it.

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