If you are a proud iPhone user it’s hard to overrule the problems which show up on the device. A common problem with an iPhone is an unresponsive screen which will simply refuse to respond even after you have tapped or swiped it a few times. In the following lines we have mentioned a few ways how you can repair an unresponsive iPhone screen when you can’t access a repair shop.

Tips to Fix an Unresponsive Screen

We know how precious your iPhone X is but there is hardly a way to control an unresponsive screen. The high-end Apple iPhone may anytime become unresponsive owing to a faulty screen. In the following lines we will try to help you manage the problem till the time you get in touch with an iPhone X screen repair professional and give them your phone to fix.

Our first question for you is here “is the phone giving you trouble especially when you are trying to access a particular app?” if you find your phone become unresponsive as you use a particular app, its time you uninstall it.

Was your finger wet when you tapped on the screen? Well! If you are a smartphone user you should know this fact, a touchscreen turns unresponsive when you try to access it with wet fingers. So, just dry up your hand before you tap the screen. Also, don’t forget to check if the screen is clean. Sometimes dirt or dust may stop the screen from responding. Always clean your hands before you touch them.

Did you wear gloves while touching the screen? Gloves are obviously not recommended when you are trying to access the iPhone X touchscreen. Any protective layer on your hand will obviously disrupt the connection between your skin and the screen.

Sometimes the screen protector may come in between your skin and the screen. It might make the screen unresponsive to a point such that even after several tapping and swiping, the phone’s screen will refuse to work.

Considering it’s an iPhone X, it’s likely that the device is enabled with 3D touch sensitivity. Sometimes when anything goes wrong with the touch sensitivity you ought to visit the settings of the phone. Here is how:

Visit the settings and go to the General Option followed by the Accessibility feature and the 3D Touch option. Now make changes to the sensitivity slider.

If there is a screen problem which is related to rotation you must first check the Orientation Lock. Now swipe up the screen from bottom of it to visit the Control Centre and tap on the “rotating padlock” sign. If there is a side switch, on your iPhone X fiddle with it to finally make the screen responsive.

Hold the Home button along with the Sleep or Wake button for at least 10 seconds. This will probably help you restart your phone. Ideally the process will help you restore your screen to its normal working mode. If this doesn’t seem to work opt for an iPhone X screen replacement.

Follow these guidelines to bring the screen of your iPhone X to its working mode else you can always get it repaired by an expert.

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