For many years, across the globe there has been a major call out for all major town parks to have railings and hedging installed around its perimeters. Although it has been debated for several years, it has been agreed that town parks will be surrounded by low railings that are covered by hedging. The primary aim of the railings and hedging is to protect young children running out and across the parks boundaries and into oncoming traffic. Installing low four foot railings around the parks perimeters of the park will create this boundary along with the hedges.

The reason for people opposing the installation of railings and hedges is the visual impact and demarcation of the park within the town. Many have said that these structures will be an eyesore to anyone local or visiting the area.

A spokesman for a town in the southwest of Cornwall has said that it has been agreed that their local town park will have low steel railings installed around the majority of the park and hedging will be fitted in between and where ever else possible. He agreed that the idea of these railings is to provide the children protection by stopping them running into the road. He said the roads are being maintained by the use of railings and the hedging will act as a softening barrier.

He went on to say that the main element of all this is the railings and the hedging around the perimeter will be kept relatively low to approximately three or four feet. Around the children’s play areas within the park the railings have to be higher to prevent the children climbing over. Of course the safety of our children, friends children and so forth is more important than arguing whether a boundary should be installed around the town park or not. After all the death of a child who has escaped the park when no safety measures have been incorporated could have a massive impact on the family and local community more so than if a boundary was to be installed which prevented the death.

As a result of this message by the spokesman many town parks around the UK are considering and implementing security measures to safeguard the local and visiting children when playing. Where some of the smaller towns can’t afford these barriers contributions and donations are been asked from people in the neighbouring communities.

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