Many people know that traders and brokers are the people at the forefront of the market, behind every successful trader, there must be a broker who really connects the buyer and the seller to make the transaction go smoothly. But everybody wants to know who earns more, So here we are discussing the difference between trader and broker-

Traders can be said to be at the top of the food chain, and all teams from the logistics to the middle department are supporting the trader's work and solving various problems such as the network.
Traders analyze major markets, including foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, and other markets and data that may involve transactions, and then decide what to trade, what strategies to use, and how to invest in the company's funds.
Everyone wants to be a trader, but it's not easy unless you have the right educational background and, most importantly, have a wide network of contacts.

When a trader decides the decision to buy or sell, he will call the broker: "I want to buy/sell... can I do it?"

Technically, brokers need to “support” the work of traders, but they are completely different from those in the logistics and middle departments.
The main difference is that brokers can directly generate income. They contact buyers and sellers and then receive commissions from each successful transaction. The more customers trade, the more brokers earn.

Who earns more?-
This is one of the most amazing problems people have.

Most people may think: "Of course, traders make more money!" After all, many traders earn millions of dollars a year.
No one seems to care about how much the broker earns. Because people want to know the story of top traders, not the average trader.
Many people have forgotten that every profit of a trader means another trader's loss.
However, brokers in the middle are different. Even if the trader is not profitable, the broker has income. His income is related to the amount of customers and the volume of transactions. Maybe you didn't pay attention, but the broker didn't have the risk of trading.

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