Transforming your life has always been a subject that is popular and inspiring for everyone. The law of attraction and many other ways to bring positive things into your life are mentioned all of the time in books, magazines, and even movies. Yet some people find that these methods do not work for them. They are stuck in place in their life and improvement and positive change just do not seem to happen to them.

I work upon people who have spiritual problems. The victims of psychic warfare, psychic vampires, possession, and obsession can do every one of the laws of attraction to transform their life and it just does not work. Ninety-nine percent of my clients have tried these methods at one time or another. They are blocked as surely as someone living in a cave and hiding from the world.

I do transformation and transmutation work upon the lives of the people who are blocked. Many times, it brings good to them and changes their life in a positive fashion. Many times, they have to work through old issues or life issues to get to a better point. It is not easy for anyone and positive change can be very hard to bring about when the person has someone cursing him or her or trying to stop any change.

I like my clients and do my best to help them. I have had a few clients who have worked nonstop on helping themselves and have never seemed to find the way to break loose. Most of the ways that they were stuck came under a few categories.

Family issues and family opinions of you is the number one reason for being stuck. It can affect your prosperity, and every thing else in your life. The reason for this is that you love them and want them to like you. People who are alienated from their families have the same problems dealing with blockages.

The reason for this is the psychological make up of the family and the mental programming received during childhood. We grow into adult hood and realize that we become our parents at certain times. No one is free from this problem. We find ourselves reacting, and thinking especially about prosperity in the way our parents taught us too.

It is also true of our self-image in every way. So we get a job, get married and start our own family. Marriage is a good way to create abundance with the love and acceptance of a good marriage. It can also create more negative programming when the marriage has a problem element to it. The reason for this problem element is anyone you marry has baggage of a spiritual nature. The same problems can make a level of acceptance where it causes both of you to work through them. Problems that do not sync with the other persons baggage where a level of understanding can be accomplished cause most of the break ups of marriage in the world. It causes the cruelty, and abuse that the person suffered to be taken out on the other partner.

How can we overcome these issues? I have explored and tested out many of the methods that are in use and none of them address all of these problems. The reason for this is most people cannot accept themselves for what they are in life and like themselves. I have some good methods for loving yourself and forgiving yourself yet how do we redo our self-image?

The Astral Image Improvement Method

One of the main rules of Hermetics is “As above so below, As below so above. We all know incidents that have tortured us in our lives. We bring about the energies around us to torture ourselves and not heal by investing energy in the past. We have to find a way to move to the future and believe me when I say this is hard for anyone to do.

Anyone can mental wander. You also have to be able to visualize to use this method. I will also write another method to help when I am done. You must be able to focus and concentrate. Meditate upon cleansing yourself and relaxing yourself. There are many methods upon the web for doing this but find one suited to you. Those who have a hard time loving themselves should use Metta meditation or loving kindness meditation. Introspection meditation should be used by those who can not focus properly or concentrate well. It will help.

After you are done and in the meditation zone so to speak mentally have your spirit leave your body travel up to the real time zone, which looks just like here, but is in the levels of the astral plane. See yourself and picture yourself enjoying your life just the way you want to exist.

Say you want to move to another area and new house. Each night before going to sleep do this and pull the new house over the old house you are living in at the moment. If the features of the house change slightly but are still acceptable let them stay as it is linking to an available house in the future. See yourself with abundance and prosperity. This method will take a while but is very effective.

It is very important to make sure every image of you is happy, healthy, and enjoying life in the new home. It will make it so when you do move you will be in a place that is good for you and your life.

The next method is for those that have problems visualizing. Many stores have corkboards for pinning messages upon and notes. Buy one of these for yourself and find some old used magazines. Cut out the pictures from the magazines of the new sort of home you would enjoy, or changes you would enjoy in your life. Use a photograph of yourself in a picture of tons of money flying around be inventive about symbolizing what you would like to have happen in your life as the end result. Then say this prayer

Spiritual Sun and God shine upon me
Let me have the joy and abundance that exists for me
Bring good and happiness, employment and love
Change my life for the best and bring me the things I need, want, and enjoy.

Repeat this every day and you will get results if you are consistent saying this to empower yourself.

The next way is to achieve closure on issues that you have never released. People who have had bad experiences with family, lovers, and boyfriends should also do the forgiveness methods to help themselves to heal. The anchor that holds the issues open is normally how the person feels about how they behaved. People who have had issues with others that they loved as friends or lovers will always beat themselves up. They always feel stupid on a certain level. It causes them to be bitter, inflexible, and to not be happy even if they find a new person who is great. A simple method to help you to heal is as follows.

Transmute Denial to Truth
You will need a white candle, and envelope, and a piece of paper. The ritual is to be done on Monday.
Take the piece of paper, and write down how you felt, what you did, how you could not understand why people would treat you with such cruelty. The first sentence should be Archangel Gabriel help me to understand, expose and transmute these feelings to truth and closure. Take a pinch of salt and place it in the envelope. Label the envelope Transmute, release, heal, and bring truth and closure to this situation.

Read your letter aloud to Archangel Gabriel as if he is a friend. Ask for his help to remove the illusions, delusions, and mind games that were played upon you by others and yourself. Place the letter in the envelope and burn it.
As it burns say-
Transmute denial to truth
Transmute illusion to reality
Transmute attachment to closure
Transmute depression, sadness, and grief to joy
Transform my life to remove and close all personal hurt, sorrow, grief, and trauma

You will notice that thins clear up after these two methods. Be persistent in doing these methods until you do see results from the work that you have done upon yourself. Anyone who can not achieve this easily should use the self-banishing and aura cleansing methods listed upon this website. They will clear things out and you can then keep up your transformation work with out a break in effectiveness. If you still have problems you can take advantage of my services upon this website.

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