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Does the thought of needing to make more money leave you filled with anxiety, frustration and overwhelm? Do you find yourself doubting your relationship with money, yourself and your ability to ever achieve your financial goals – even though the deeper spiritual part of your brain says, “I know it’s possible to increase my income, get rid of debt, save more and be financially successful”?

Does the rational part of your brain still get stuck in recycling the same limiting thoughts patterns and emotions?

Not to worry, you are not alone. This struggle is actually very common. Here are 3 simple powerful tips to help you transform stress, anxiety and sheer frustration around making more money into inspiration, alignment, joyfulness and ease.

1. Notice your emotional and physical state. When you take action towards increasing your income, getting a new client, or talking to your spouse about money, notice how your body reacts and responds. Does it become tense and contracted? Or does it feel relaxed and expansive? A simple question you can ask yourself to determine your emotional or physical state is, “How do I FEEL right now?”

While it might seem like this line of questioning couldn’t possibly make a difference in your ability to make more or transform your relationship with money the truth is it will. It is an extremely powerful question.

Graphic designers have a saying, “input equals output.” In other words, you have to begin with a photo or image that is of initial good quality in order to end up with a high quality photo. You can’t take a really bad photo and expect it to be amazing in the end.

The same goes with creating money. Most people fall into a habit of being focused on achieving the end product and remain completely unaware of their physical and emotional states while they engage in the process of making money.

2. Work in concert and harmony with all. Most women (entrepreneurs especially) struggle with feeling alone when it comes to trying to make more money or getting their finances in order. They approach the entire process as if they will somehow single handedly “turn their financial ship around.”

This approach can be very painful and energetically draining. This was actually my own default approach for the longest time. It seemed like the harder I tried – the more forceful and driven I became – the less money I actually created.

When I began to let go and trust my guidance on the projects that felt most inspired to me, how I wanted to reach out and connect with my clients and what kinds of marketing approaches felt authentic to me, I was amazed at how income seemed to flow in an easy and effortless way. I felt a deepening sense of being on purpose and being guided.

Whenever I connected with “Spirit” or “a higher sense of purpose and connection with the flow of life,” things seemed to literally fall into place. I felt connected with something greater and larger than myself. Think of working in concert and harmony with all as something that occurs naturally as a result of connecting with this higher place within you.

One reliable litmus test to determine if you are working in concert and harmony with all is to notice if your body feels tense or if it feels calm and relaxed. If you feel tense then I recommend you do something healthy and positive to shift your internal state. Maybe it’s as simple as going for a walk, connecting with a friend or getting support from a colleague or mentor.

3. Take inspired action. What inspired actions come to mind when you think about making more money? Notice if you feel excited about a particular action and then take that action step. Whether it’s connecting with your clients, writing newsletters, or talking with people to form potential partnerships. Many years ago I asked myself, “If I could do any kind of marketing in my business and have it feel fun and inspired, what would I most like to do?”

Immediately I had the inspiration to be a talk show radio host. I had never done this before and didn’t know the first thing about it. But I did listen to a lot of talk radio and the idea of being a talk show radio host sounded fun and exciting to me.

Willing to be courageous, I took the first step and contacted the director of our local talk radio. He invited me to join him on the air for a live interview to talk about my business and services. After the interview he offered me a weekly 2-hour call in talk radio show!

Next time you’re thinking about “needing to make more and shift your relationship with money” take a moment to notice your emotional and physical state, to work in concert and harmony with all and to take inspired action. These simple steps can make a huge difference between a painful, arduous process that results in few leads and trickling income to a journey that is relaxed and joyful and results in you making more money in an authentic, aligned, easy and purposeful way.

Author's Bio: 

Leslie Cunningham specializes in working with women entrepreneurs who experience fear and self-doubt in their ability to consistently make more money in their business. The end result that women achieve through following Leslie's advice and expertise is that they are able to permanently get off the emotional financial roller coaster ride and break into six-figures and beyond.