Traveling is an experience, it teaches you a lot about yourself and makes you independent. Some people say that the best part about travel is the people you meet on your journey. But not everyone is lucky every time, isn't it? Whether you travel for work or pleasure, you meet new people from different places and also learn about their culture. Funny, weird, smart, over-smart, rude, annoying, intelligent, nerdy, inspiring, etc; there are all kinds of people in this world.

Some are so weird and annoying that you feel as if someone is playing a prank on you. But soon enough you realize that it is the truth of your life, and you are stuck with this person for the rest of your journey. And suddenly, your journey seems that much longer than what it actually is! Of course, there are some amazing people too who may sometimes make your experience even more worthwhile, and you feel blessed to have met them.

So join us tour operator Vietnam on the journey while we go 'traveler-watching' and try recognizing which one of them you may run into in your next wanderlust!

Romantic Honeymoon Couple

This couple is sure to get swept away in the sea of romance, while they can't get enough of each other. If you end up being in some place that is popular for 'honeymooners', then be ready to witness some PDA and couples giving cheesy poses in front of monuments, or like Jack and Rose in 'Titanic'! And others like to go by the saying, "The couple that travels together stays together."

The Family Guy

The guy who just can't travel without his family, and sometimes even dog! This family travels with twice as many bags as people in the family that often takes up other people's space. Their conversations are always about their family or some other family and their personal matters. And with small kids around, there's no end to commotion and disturbance. However, if you are lucky enough, you may come across a good family as well!

The Adventurer

The adventurers are some of the best company to go exploring with and can be highly contagious! For some, travel means adventure and thrill that gives them the adrenaline rush at every step. You'll always see them up to something or the other when they are not pulling off any stunts. Even between big adventures, they have their own mini-adventures. And when they are not having any adventures, they are either sleeping or eating.

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Kevin Nguyen