Traveling to a different country can be a superb as well as an intricate experience. It's very difficult to be familiar with new language, legal systems and customs for unplanned travelers. With correct planning and guidance, you can have a beautiful foreign experience.

The main issues for travelers are health and safety. Whenever you're going to a trip with your family as well as alone you've to be very careful about your health because human body is so sensitive and can't adjust with a new environment immediately.

You are about to embark on that long-awaited trip around the world but if you're getting anxious about what to expect, whether you're headed to Europe, Asia or anywhere in the world, here are a few things to anticipate:


It is best to be polite with all sorts of people, especially when you don't know their customs. I remember a time when a woman friend of mine shook an Arab's hand. It was meant to be a gesture of courtesy but the Arab was appalled because in the Muslim culture, a woman must not shake a man's hand. Therefore, don’t forget to know a little bit about the culture of the country you are going to, when it comes to greeting practices because you will be meeting a lot of people once you're there in particular.


Don’t forget that people don't always give out you the same food that you're used to. If you're not familiar with the menu, try asking the waiting person what kind of meat or sauce is on something that you are planning to order. It’s alright to ask since you may be ordering a dish you may not like and end up getting sick. The more you need to be careful if you have allergies to certain foods such as crabs or peanuts. Whatever looks tasty might not be good for you.


Of course, if you are traveling to a different continent, you need to expect that they have different languages and not all of them can speak perfect English. It is better to bring a dictionary with you all the time so you may be able to ask for directions or maybe ask some locals to take a photo of you and whomever you are with. It's also better to know how to say "thank you", "excuse me" and other commonly used words and phrases in their language.

Sometimes when you travel to different places around the world, you may experience what is termed as culture shock. Don’t rush so you can experience the whole thing when you travel. At times, you may have our own perception of how a certain country is and it may not always be true once you actually get there. Whether it's the visual arts in museums or the high-profile fashion circuit, what you actually need to do is to be ready to know what it is that you want to experience in Europe.

After knowing what you want to encounter in Europe, research on where exactly you want to go and make sure you're ready. Always be friendly but don't overdo it as some people can take this negatively. When you do encounter rudeness from certain foreigners, just shrug it off and don't get into fights. It should be no big deal since you’d probably not remember them when you get home.

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