Nepal is home to 8 out of 14 highest peaks around the world. Most people visit Nepal to explore the stunning view of the mountains. But besides mountains, Nepal is typically famous for its trekking routes. Majority of foreigners visit Nepal to explore the unexplored trekking routes in Nepal. Nepal is geographically blessed as rivers, hills, terrains, mountains, plants etc. are in a huge amount. Foreigners usually visit Nepal to explore these kinds of natural beauty.
Trekking in Nepal varies from short duration treks (3-5 days) to long duration treks (15-30 days). In Nepal the best time for trekking is from March- June & from September- November. During these period most scenic views can be seen on the way of trekking and the trek becomes easy as compared to other seasons. Almost 90% of the tourist prefer trekking as it can be an adventurous experience to them. As trekkers walk along the distinct paths, trekkers will often discover hundreds of locals passing through each day as they haul food, water and other odd necessities back to their tiny villages, along with dozens of fellow trekkers.
Some of the famous and best trekking routes in Nepal are:
1. Annapurna Region
The Annapurna Region is the most famous trek that tourist prefer to do while in Nepal. It is one of the best and easy trek. If anyone wants to trek in the central of the Himalayas then Annapurna Region trek is the perfect trek for them. The total length of this region ranges from (160- 230) kms. approx. The highest altitude that you can get trekking in this region is at an altitude of 5416m above sea level which is the Thorang- la pass. This region also includes the 10th highest peak of the world i.e. Annapurna I which is 8091m above sea levels. The famous trekking places that are available in the Annapurna region are:
• Annapurna Circuit: The trek is one of the longest treks that one can do and is one of the famous treks as the trekker can explore the beauty of Annapurna region. The trek is basically of 18- 21 days where trekkers can go round on the Annapurna Mountains.
• Annapurna Sanctuary: The Annapurna sanctuary is the oval- shaped plateau that is situated 40km from the north of Pokhara. The trek is normally of 2 weeks i.e. 14 days.
• Annapurna Base Camp: It is one of the best trekking routes that most of the trekkers follow during their visit in the Annapurna Region. The trek is usually for 7- 10 days and can be reached using various routes.
• Ghorepani Trek: Ghorepani is situated at the northwest of Pokhara which is at a 3210m above the sea level. The trek usually takes 3-5 days. This trek is the most famous viewpoint in the western Nepal.
• Jomsom- Muktinath Trek: Trekkers have an option of airway or road transportation to reach till jomsom. This trek usually takes 5-10 days of trek. The trek begins from one of the windiest place in Nepal and ends in the famous Vishnu temple i.e. Muktinath. The place is a sacred place of salvation for hindus. Hindus believe bathing in the waters of muktinath ensure salvation after their death.
• Mardi Himal Trek: The mardi himal is one of the short takes that trekkers can do. It is at an elevation of 5587m above sea level. It usually takes 4-7 days of trek to reach Mardi Himal. This trek offers amazing views at the summit of Mardi Himal.
• Upper Mustang Trek: This trek is the stretch from the lower part of mustang. Trek usually takes 12-15 days. The trek is a rare privilege to trekkers as it is known as the last forbidden kingdom. This region is typically influenced by the tibetian culture and offers an amazing view. This trek is also a difficult trek as it is at high altitude and requires a restricted area permit of 500 USD per 10 Days making it quite difficult for budget trekkers.
• Manaslu Trek: The manaslu trek is one of the remote treks as the trekkers pass through the remote villages and over the larke pass. Manaslu is the 8th highest peak in the world which makes it one of the must visit routes. This trek usually takes 14-21 days. The trek is remote as compared to other treks. This treks requires a special permit and a guide to guide you through this region.
2. Kathmandu Valley Region
• Shivapuri- Chisapani trek: It is usually a trek of 5 days. Shivapuri, a fun day trip, passes through the Budhanikanatha temple. The steep climb from Budhanikanatha to the Shivapuri hill is lovely among the Rhododendrons in bloom in the spring and the mountain views are rarely missed. Various flowers such as orchids are plentiful. Travelers can spot deer and monkeys in a nature reserve. Various types of bird species are abundant for bird lovers. The wildlife views here are also great as the park has access to many homes and backyards of the Kathmandu Valley. At the top of the hill, you will be in a Buddhist monastery. The wide views of the northeastern part of Kathmandu and the majestic Himalayas to the north are the best of this hill station.
• Shivapuri- Dhulikhel Trek: This trek offers beautiful view of Kathmandu valley from higher grounds of shivaputi. The trek is usually of 6 days where you will hike through the shivapuri national park and explore the national park and finally end your trek at Dhulikhel.
• Chandragiri- Hattiban Hike: This Hike is suitable for those who want to experience what it is like to trek around the places inside the Kathmandu valley as this trek finishes on 1 day. The trek offers scenic view from the Chandragiri temple. It is one of the best one-day hike that you can do while in Kathmandu.
• Chitlang- Kulekhani Trek: This trek is one of the least done treks as these places can be reached with transportation withing 5-6 hrs of driving. People who approach this route prefer transportation rather than trek. If one considers trek, this route can take 2- 4 days depending upon the trekker’s requirement.
3. Mount Everest Region Trek
If you want to experience the Great Mount Everest wonder. Mount Everest Region Trek is one of the best and most popular hiking trails in Nepal as it is closely followed by hiking trails. Joining the natural beauty of the Himalayan range of Mount Everest, the trip is a cultural attraction that makes it a lifelong journey for hikers.
• Everest Base Camp Trek: One of the best and famous treks that trekkers prefer. The trek gains an altitude of 5643m above sea level. The Everest Base Camp Trek is a fascinating and thought-provoking experience for those with higher thoughts. Climbing Mount Everest Base Camp is without a doubt a lifelong opportunity. The Everest Base Camp Trek is certainly a 12-14-day trial of hiking, high altitude, bad tracks, and other crossing destinations. In any case, real accomplishment is the point where you reach the base camp of the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest.
• Makalu Barun Trek: Makalu Barun is the fifth highest mountain in the world at 8,481 meters above sea level. The Makalu Base Camp, at 5,000 meters, can be reached through the tea plantation. The tour offers the opportunity to see rhododendrons, orchids, snow leopards, red panda, buffalo, wild pigs & wild yaks.
• Rolwaling Valley Trek: The Rolwaling Valley trek is one of the quite trekking routes in the mount Everest region. The route runs parallel to Tibet. You can combine this trek with Everest Base Camp trek for which you need a special permit and a guide. This trek usually takes upto 5days. The trek offers astonishing views and one of the major attraction is Tsho Rolpa which is one of the largest glacier lake in Nepal.
4. Far Western Nepal Trek
West & Far West and western Nepal include the Mahakali, Beer & Karnali area with a western and southern border to India, North to Tibet. Being one of the hiking regions of the Himalayas, it offers a unique experience of natural and cultural sites. The western region of Nepal is dominated by Tibetan bonpo culture & authentic buddhism with various monasteries and monuments in the lower world are various people of Nepal
• Rara Lake Trek: It is one of the remote treks if you are looking for a sophisticated trek. The trek usually takes 8 days to complete. Explore through the Rara National Park and enjoy the view of Rara Lake. Rara Lake is the largest lake in Nepal. The mountain views are not as nice as some of the other treks, but the highlight of this trek is a view of Nepal's largest lake.
• Khaptad Trek: The Khaptad area (3000m) is located in the western part of Nepal located in the Bajhang, Bajura, Doti and Achham District districts of Seti. It is not a place that is thoroughly explored by foreigners because of the remote part of the country. Near Khaptad there is another place called Ramaroshan which includes 12 small lakes and 18 green pastures called Patans (Home Language), a spectacular view of Mt Api, Mt. Saipal and Mt. Malika appears high on the summit of the Patans. In the northern part of Ramaroshan there is a single series of natural ruins, a gift of Nature.
• Limi Valley Trek: The Limi valley extends over the Karnali district away from western Nepal, near the Tibetan border. Being one of the wilderness tours in the Himalayas, it offers a unique experience of natural and cultural landscapes. This region is dominated by Tibetan culture of bonpo & true buddism with various monasteries and monuments. Animals such as snow leopards, blue sheep, foxes, vegetables and even deer will be found in the region. The hiking trail passes through Nara La (4620 m) and Nyalu La (4940 m) The High Mount passes through tribal villages, rivers, waterfalls offering beautiful mountain views. The hiking trail follows the Hilsa border similar to the kiroho Kailash journey west to Tibet, from Hilsa the road turns northeast to the Limi valley.
5. Far Eastern Nepal Trek: One of the major trekking routes that this trek provides is the Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek.
• Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek: The trek is one of the least travelled trekking routes. The route is comparatively hard as compared to other trekking routes that are available in Nepal. It is located in eastern Nepal on the border with Sikkim in India, and the first destination is accessible by plane or bus to Taplejung. This is a difficult trip that takes three or four weeks to pass through a densely populated country. There is basic tea accommodation and food available in all villages, although Lhonak has limited accommodation but a tent can be rented in Ghunsa to the KCAP official. The avalanche threat is high and the mountain receives a lot of monsoon moisture due to its location. The Peak 5950 is also a more practical trip to this mountain.
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