Dog crates are not something that your dog will love when he sees them. You pet needs time to adjust to dog cages and being left alone in a crate. Some of the issues that can appear when your dog is being crated are whining, spending too much time in the crate and social isolation association. Remember not to make your departures prolonged when leaving your dog alone in the crate, keep arrivals low key and keep caging your dog from time to time when you are home to avoid him associating crating with being left alone. The cage training process has to be done in small steps and can take up to weeks. The time needed to crate train your dog depends on his age, temperament and past experiences.

Dog cages can cause problems such as whining which can be a serious issue because you never know whether he is whining because he wants to be let out of the cage or whether there are other issues to consider. If the dog seems unsettled and is whining a lot do not yell or pound on the dog crate because you will only make things worse. Simply ignore him and if after several minutes he continues whining use the phrase associated with going outside to the toilet. If he responds in an excited way take him outside. If you are convinced that he does not really need to be outside, simply ignore him. Be strong because if you let him out every time he creates a fuss you will only teach him to whine long and loud to get what he wants.

Another issue to be cautious of is subjecting the dog to endless hours in the crate. If dog cages are not used correctly and the dog spends a great deal of time locked in the crate, you should be aware that he is probably spending too much time in the confines of such a small space and in consideration for the well-being of the dog, other arrangements should be made to accommodate his physical and emotional needs. You must keep in mind, puppies under 6 months cannot control their bladders and bowels for long periods of time, so you must not keep them locked in the crate for more than 3 hours at a time. To avoid your dog associating crate time with social isolation it is best to initially keep the crate nearby. A crate is no remedy for separation anxiety. You may preventthe destruction of your furniture from but the dog may injure himself while trying to escape. This type of problem can only be resolved with counter-conditioning and desensitization procedures.

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Dog cages are not a remedy for separation anxiety and these dog crates can cause a series of problems with poorly crate trained dogs.