Router Login Failed situation means you are unable to get into your router admin console. You may need to access your router control panel to check your current wifi password or to make any other settings.

To do any such task, you need to login to your router, first. Whenever you encounter router login failed error, you should check the following:

Connect your router directly to your system via ethernet cable. Make sure the USB ends are seated well in both ports.
Check if Internet LED is lit and is stable. Blinking or no LED means there is an issue with your internet connection. Either your connection is running slow, or there is no internet connection at all.
For this problem, you should first contact your ISP then move forward to check if there is any other problem.

Make sure you are entering correct Router's IP Address. Most router brands use either or IP address to log in to your router.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to put the http:// in front of the numbers i.e.,

Check for computer IP and router IP, these both should be within the same subnet. If your computer is set up with static IP, change it to dynamic IP so that it can obtain the router's IP address to get connected.

In case you have reached the router login page but then encountered router login failed error. Then the possibility is that you are typing incorrect username or password. Check and ensure you are typing correct login credentials.

Ensure proxies are disabled. To check proxy status, do the following:
Open browser> Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings. If checked; Uncheck the "Use a proxy server for your LAN...." option.

At last, try to work with another browser to cross check if there are some issues with your browser settings.

If you are still combating router login failed message, even after trying all these troubleshooting steps. Then you surely need some expert help to get rid of this problem.

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