Network Marketing programs are the latest in truly
successful residual income strategies.They are the choice
of online experts, and will be your choice too, when you
find out how much money you’ll be earning.

What is a Network Marketing, you ask? Network Marketing is
a partnership. You go into business with someone who has the
same goals and interests as you. By making a commitment to
each other you make success easier and eliminate many
problems. The key is to find the person you want to work
with (your sponsor). You need someone who is willing to
work and assist you when needed. You should join programs
under the same person all the time.

This makes for a solid downline.

Once your team is in place it's simple to build a solid
portfolio of money making programs.

Take a look at the other side of the "coin". Having the
right people in your downline is just as important as
having the right sponsor. If someone sponsored you into a
program and helped you, don't expect them to sign you up in
another program if you haven't tried to do anything on your

Granted, they make money for those they sponsor for you,
but why should they make you money if you don't do
anything? Having a solid core of dedicated people will
make you more money than having a downline full of

Don't join every program that comes along.

=> Sign up for one core program and work it.

=> Focus on building your team.

=> Help your downline and have them do the same for their

Don't build castles made of sand.

Build a solid foundation.

Your goal isn't to make a quick buck.

Network Marketing is designed to help you create a long
term solid income.

To Your Prosperity,
John Colanzi

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John Colanzi is the owner of the Empire Builders Safelist. John says, "If
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