Spiritual Awakening is no longer a bastion of the New Age Movement. Expansion of consciousness is happening to many humans who are not on the spiritual path, who have not chosen awakening, and yet it is happening to them, whether they are ready or not.

As more people begin to tune into their individual spirituality, they are impulsed to seek out tools and techniques to support them in their transformation. Many will be looking for guidance to assist them in stepping out of the quagmire and density of life in the first years of the 21st century and to move into co-creatorship with their higher purpose and assume stewardship of a healthier, cleaner planet Earth.

Of the myriad of healing and empowerment techniques I have studied and experienced, one of the most beneficial modalites for me has been the steady use of flower essences, crystal, gem, mineral and other vibrational elixirs.

Vibrational healing is still considered very mysterious and esoteric by many living in modern society, if they’re aware of it at all. The subtle nature of the human energy system is barely perceived by most, yet I feel that it is important for all who are intentionally walking the path of healing be made aware of vibrational remedies.

Flower essences and other vibrational elixirs are simple and elegant tools for putting us back into balance and harmony with nature, so that we can be grounded and multidimensional at the same time, as we are meant to be. They work on all the levels of the energy system, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They can help in the removal of negative thought forms and limiting patterns or behaviors, raise our frequencies and increase our intuitive abilities.

When we are in resonance with the natural world, we are whole. When we work with the earth - Lady Gaia, whether we are male or female, we all become nurturers - of ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Shamanic healers from the earliest times have used plants and crystal as a form of medicine in conjunction with other tools and methods of healing and restoration while the modern pioneers in the area of Nature Intelligence like Dr. Edward Bach, Eileen Cady of Findhorn and Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra have produced brilliant and groundbreaking material in the area of human consciousness and health as it relates to the natural world. They’ve paved the way for many healing practitioners to stretch and adress the issues of human wellbeing and expansion of consciousness out of the box of convention.

The plant and mineral kingdoms organize their growth in a stunningly intelligent manner. If we humans, many of whom have grown up in cities and fairly estranged from nature, decide to consciously work with her, we too can benefit by using nature essences to assist in the releasing of thought patterns that have been distorted by our urban environment to become balanced and harmonious, restored to our original Divine blueprint. We are then as we are meant to be, hale, hearty, whole and balanced in heart and mind.

Author's Bio: 

Anna Rita moved to Arizona in 1993 from Los Angeles, California and began studying and practicing alternative methods of healing with total focus and commitment.
In 1999 she was ordained into the Order of Melchizedek by Rev. Dan Chesbro of Sanctuary of the Beloved and vowed to serve the planet and all therein through Free Will and individual expression.
She was attuned to the Reiki system of natural healing in 2001 and has studied Holographic Repatterning with Chloe Faith Wordsworth.
After having been introduced to flower and mineral essences, Anna Rita saw profound and beneficial changes in her life and felt the desire to share those tools with others. In 2002 she became a Registered Essence Practitioner of Nature's Alliance in Healing for Soul Integration and Self-Empowerment.
She was attuned to the angelic healing modality of Integrated Energy Therapy in 2006 and is also a Violet Flame Reiki Master. Sedona Sacred Arts was founded in 2005 as a company committed to providing tools and educational materials to assist in empowering individuals to acheive their highest potential.
As a spiritual consultant and energetic healing facilitator based in Sedona, Arizona, Anna Rita is dedicated to promoting self-empowerment, evolution of consciousness and responsibility for co-creating Heaven on Earth.