There are often different types of dental care services provided by each dentist in Bricktown all suitable for different tooth problems. The services are offered either as a therapeutic or corrective measure. When a patient consults a dentist, the first thing he will do is examine the teeth and gums with the use of Xrays and other tools. Based on findings, a treatment procedure is recommended and administered on the patient to remedy the situation. Some of the common dental services are

Teeth Whitening - These days a significant number of the adult population suffers from mild or chronic tooth discolorations and stains. These stains are caused by poor dental maintenance which may cause tooth decays and aches or bacteria infections. Stains smear the enamels of the teeth and damage their appearance. Those suffering from bad teeth color or desiring an improvement in the color of their teeth visit a cosmetic dentist Bricktown.

Tooth Extraction - Tooth extraction is always the last resort and is only done when and if no other treatment procedure is viable. In cases of severely damaged tooth, tooth extraction is the only option to stop the spread of bacteria from infecting another tooth. The extractive tools and methods used to remove a bad tooth are modern hi tech equipment.

Filing Procedure - Germs and bacteria can damage enamel tissue and open up tooth holes which may grow bigger and cause permanent damage if it is not repaired.  Before filing up holes the bacteria causing the growth is first eliminated and a clearing is created for the filing. Filing procedures are very common in dental clinics and are only recommended for the filing of holes and nothing else.

Canal procedure - Canal procedures are root treatments dealing with decay and infections at the root. The severity of dental decay is known after xray is done to examine the nature and extent of decay.  A dentist in Bricktown provides this essential service to patients battling chronic tooth decay.

Crown treatment - Tooth damage caused by breakage, clipped tooth and decay can be repaired with crown replacements. Crowns are made with porcelain, metal materials or both. This procedure is done to repair tooth shapes and improve teeth arrangements.

If you are experiencing pains in your teeth or gum you definitely need to consult a dentist quickly before the condition worsens and the pain becomes unbearable. When you consult a dentist, examination will be done to identify the affected tooth and ascertain the root cause of the problem. After this is done, a suitable treatment procedure is carried out.

If you are not experiencing toothache or any dental problem and what you need is just a dental improvement procedure such as a teeth whitening procedure, a cosmetic dentist Bricktown can improve the color and appearance of your teeth by washing off stubborn stains using bleaching agents to wipe off ugly stains. Before you go for any type of dental treatment make sure the dental clinic provides the type of services you need.

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