Choosing a mattress topper or protector is a simple choice, however, the two can be confused at times, so it helps to have a good idea of the purpose of each one. If you are on the hunt for a topper or protector, remember that there are different types available, usually differentiated by the kind of material they are made from. One of the most popular choices are those made from cotton.

What is the best material for a mattress topper or protector?

We would recommend choosing a cotton mattress protector or topper. This is because cotton has many advantages over other fabrics. Firstly, it is a relatively inexpensive material and durable too, making it very affordable. Secondly, it is breathable, which means it can control moisture, allowing for a naturally fluctuating body temperature as you sleep. In the winter, it insulates and keeps you warm while in the summer months it keeps you cooler and drier. Cotton is hypoallergenic and weatherproof too. All these benefits make cotton perfect for luxury mattress topper.

Benefits of a mattress topper

The purpose of toppers is to primarily improve the comfort of your bed. They are ideal if you have a mattress that is adequate but needs an extra layer to add extra firmness or softness. It is perfect if you don’t want to splash out on a new mattress but want to rejuvenate and improve your current one.

Secondly, mattress toppers are a great way of keeping down your bedding costs; by investing in a luxury mattress topper, you are increasing the life-span of your bed through keeping it protected and in use for longer.

At Dusk, our toppers are super deluxe. Made with a plush 70% goose down and a bottom layer feather filling, makes them extremely soft, yet very supportive. In addition, the top layer is removable, providing a customizable layer and the convenience of being able to wash it separately in a large capacity washing machine. These make for all the right ingredients for a wonderful night’s sleep. If it’s a single mattress topper to keep your guest room spick and span or a king size mattress topper for your master bedroom, our range at Dusk, caters for all sizes.

Benefits of mattress protector

In comparison to a topper, a protector prevents stains from seeping through to your mattress. It is also a great way of keeping allergens like dust mites away if you suffer from asthma or eczema, promoting healthy sleeping. One of the most-popular mattress protectors is the fitted sheet type which keeps all angles of the mattress covered. A single mattress protector, double or king or super king size are all made from 180 thread count cotton with a poly knit skirt fitting.

Do I need pillow protectors?

Cotton pillow protectors keep your pillows free from dust mites and potential stains. Quilted ones also offer that extra volume of comfort. At Dusk, our pillow protectors are made from 100% 180 thread count with a polyester filling and 180gsm quilting. Sold as a pair, they provide all the elements of a perfect pillow protector.

How should I care for my mattress protector and topper?

We recommend that you shake and air your topper regularly and have it laundered professionally. For protectors, we advise that you wash before use and do not bleach. You can wash your protector on a gentle 40 degree cycle.

So, when it comes to choosing something for your own specific needs it is worth thinking about why you will use your topper or protector. If you simply want to make sure a bed is protected from stains and spills then a protector is probably the best choice. If you are looking for something that will breathe new life into your mattress then a topper is likely the best route to go down.

At Dusk, we have regular discounts on all of our products from a double mattress topper, to pillow protectors and super king size toppers. Take a look and see our latest deals.

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