Do you want look beautiful, and looking for a healthy skin? Then it is important to clean your face thoroughly twice a day. It is important to clean your face, but with which product do you do this? The choice of a cleanser depends on your skin type and what you prefer to use. Do you prefer to use a milk, a cleaning mousse or a cleansing gel?

Thorough cleaning is always necessary, even if you are not wearing make-up. Your skin is exposed to external dirt, such as exhaust gases and dust, on a daily basis. Even your skin is also supplied with dirt from the inside, such as sebum.

Cleansing Milk
A cleansing milk is especially recommended for dry or sensitive skin, because it often contains oil. After cleaning, the oil leaves a layer of fat that protects the skin. It is best to apply milk with a cotton pad and you do not have to rinse.

Cleaning Mousse
A cleansing mousse is as a foaming product. You apply it to a damp face and massage it with your hands, then rinse it off with lukewarm water. A cleansing mousse is often suitable for sensitive or dry skin as well as normal skin.

Cleansing Gel
A cleansing gel should be applied to damp skin. During the massage, the gel will turn into foam, which you must then rinse with lukewarm water. A cleansing gel is especially nice with normal to oily or combination skin, because of the foaming effect of the gel, you get an extra clean feeling.

You use a toner to remove the residues of the cleanser, this is especially true when using a cleanser that is not rinsed off (for example when using a milk or lotion). Choose a toner that suits your skin type. In the past, toners often contained alcohol, which is obviously not good for your skin because alcohol dries out the skin. Fortunately this is different nowadays.

Micellar Water
Micellar water is actually a cleanser and toner in one. At first sight it looks like water in a bottle, but it is definitely more than that. Micellar water is useful for sensitive skin. Normally you would prefer to use a milk as a cleanser for sensitive skin (because of the gentle cleaning and the frequent presence of oils), but after that you need a toner to remove the remnants of the milk. If you only use micellar water, you don't need extra toner. In addition, micellar water is often suitable for the entire face, so you do not need a specific cleanser for the eyes or lips.
Actually, when choosing a milk with toner or a micellar water, the question applies; what do you like best to use?

Do you get dry or tight skin after using a cleanser? Then that specific cleanser is not good for you. Better to try a different type of cleanser that suits your skin well.

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Misty Jhones