Before you start writing the plot, you must select your writing technique carefully. Consider the issues of the story and the audience that will read it. Often the word "I" will be used in your story or your thoughts on a subject should be revealed, although others do not. Using the right writing method will make the difference between being a success or a complete flop in the story.

A writing technique is a style used by an author to express his message in a way that makes the audience successful and significant. To make a link with the audience, it is necessary for professionals to understand the various styles of written techniques. For example, the most productive method of writing products for the sale of customers varies from the best method of guidance and training for employees.


Descriptive writing happens where the author uses specific historical information. Detailed character descriptions, setting and even objects can be used. This writing style encourages readers to move into their stories so that they can create a vivid mental picture of the environment.
Nature writing
Fictional novels


Expository writing is long on reality and short on literary flourishes and storytelling. It can inform or educate readers of a subject, but it doesn't change anyone's mind in its purest manner.

You probably look for an expository which gives you a response once you are wondering how many Fafnir Saturn has or what time of year to plant tulips. By using quotations, links, citations for references, and tables, and maps to illustrate key data points, this style demonstrates its work. Expository writing preferably makes them short and easy to understand, including guidance.



Narrative writing extends the form of explanation and says a whole plot with a beginning, middle, and end. A straightforward storyline and a plot like a fictional novel, the screenplay and memoir follow the narrative writing style. Writers of types of narrative writing also use literary tools like flashbacks and foreshadow.
As mentioned above, the form of narration is often lengthy over purely descriptive, but it can contain descriptive passages such as when an author stops to detail the appearance of a character or admire the architecture of a setting. For expository sections full of truth, the same often goes.
Short Stories


Persuasive writing is used to persuade the reader to believe or do what the writer wants. The convincing style of writing relies on the writer to combine research and logical thought with an emotional connection, compelling the reader to take on the personal views and creeds of the writer.

Notably, persuasive writing may include or appear like other styles. For example, a political speech may include narrative elements that follow the tale of a candidate or of people involved. And while expository writing provides knowledge, compelling writing selectively uses facts to construct the case.

Research papers
Product reviews
Cover letters

English writing techniques

The creativity in you makes it difficult to teach good writing. But once your creative juices flow, writing will serve as the base of your work. Writers have various techniques available that allow you that highlight a point and some to explain lifeless objects. There are several different items.

To improve your prose, you should use a variety of different writing techniques and keep your audience reading until your piece is finished. The following list only contains a number of writing methods, both literary and narrative, which are possible the next time you write.

For writers, it is often a fight to find a way to compare two items. Fortunately, they may use metaphors that are speech figures where authors explain or refer to something else. It could not be clear to us the connection between two objects in the metaphor. For a very long time, authors have been using metaphors to equate situations with each other


This descriptive writing method contrasts one topic to another, although not generally related.

Alliteration and assonance

Alliteration and assonance are classic methods for writing in the toolbox, valued by authors and readers. To say a story that diverts attention to the crowds, measure alliteration that uses the same tone, often a consonant, in one sentence at the beginning of words.

Emotive Language

Empathy language refers to socially related adjectives and adverbs. Emotional prose gives the reader a feeling of empathy. An example would be "Lee was triste when he learned about her grandmother's death," or "Jane liked the cake with chocolate." Words like love and sadness help the reader to understand the characters' feelings.

Alliteration is a technique used widely in poetry that connects the sound of the first word, which should be a consonant, with at least two words.


The simple text jumps from the web and embeds readers. Use personification to offer anything, thought, animal, or anything other than human quality, normally related to humans


Many great writers used post-shadows, a writing form where a writer contains hints of the text that let readers exactly what is expected to happen at the end of the novel. These tips can be very clear and straightforward, or very subtle.

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