Recently, many friends have expressed the pain and turmoil they have been experiencing as of late. They are struggling financially, emotionally and in their relationships. Each feels as if severe storms are occurring in their lives.

I myself have had many doubts and frustrations that seem to be hitting me from out of the blue. These things are no different than they were a year ago, yet it seems worse now. Does this scenario of doubt and fear sound familiar to you?

How many of you have heard that the year 2012 is the year the world will end? It seems that theme is very prolific today. Television shows are investigating this idea. Just one example comes from The History Channel. It currently has been airing a show entitled 'The Nostradamus Effect.' The show explores different spiritual predictions, all seeming to converge in 2012, or specifically, on December 21, 2012. There is evidence, according to the ancient Mayan civilization, that their complex calendar ends on this date. Many assume the date predicts the end of the world.

Even the Bible foretells of certain catastrophic events that will foreshadow 'the end of days.' Many biblical scholars believe that being played out before our very eyes are the warnings spelled out in the Book of Revelation. Indeed, even ancient Hopi Indian prophesies seem to be occurring. However, is the world really ending?

Just as with normal weather patterns, all of us go through storms in our lives. After the Katrina Hurricane hit the Gulf Coast of the United States in August 2005, many people lost their homes, causing drastic changes in their lives. In order to survive, huge numbers of these people had to relocate to completely different states of the country.

Countless friends in the metaphysical community attribute the current disturbing climate to astrological changes in the universe. While this may be the case, can you consider the possibility of divine intervention with regard to those changes? Why would that be?

Using the analogy of the storm, we see that many times we have to change in order to deal with the aftermath of a storm. These are opportunities to clear the skies after the rain, chances for renewal. Perhaps the 'April showers' you are experiencing right now are just divine influence to force you to change your thinking.

Might you consider that instead of a physical ending of the earth as we know it, alternatively, the world could be going through a spiritual transformation? Moreover, things could be amok because any kind of change is turbulent, as a person's known comfort level is uprooted.

Yes, there could be many natural disasters associated with change. However, it is my observation that the world will not end in 2012, but instead is awakening to a new spiritual understanding of God and the universe. Therefore, do not fret about the current showers that may be occurring in your life. Instead, look to the future and see the beautiful flowers that can grow out of the storms of your life. Storms can be scary. However, the beauty rising up afterwards can be more memorable than the storm. Why not allow your garden of flowers to spread, giving sweet fragrance to all?

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