Not many people are aware that jobs with respect to gas stations accommodate many other facets other than gas station attendants and managers. Considered a monotonous job by many, gas station cashiers often take up multi-tasking to utilize their skill sets, widening their learning and to perform effectively. The basic responsibility of gas station cashiers is to process gas and product purchases.

A part of their working is to help people who visit the gas station with information, directions and any other kind of help. Gas station cashiers needs to be courteous, patient and should enjoy meeting the general public; this way their job would be more rewarding. All in all, they need to possess good customer service skills. Cashiers often work in shifts.

The median salary based per hour is around 7 to 8 $, but this aspect mainly depends on the location of work. Smaller set-ups which do not have other consumer based commercials aspects like convenience stores, washing centers etc. have a very limited scope, while bigger set-ups have more of a scope with bigger pay packages as all these commercial set-ups also require handling cash and other transactions.

2 main tools which outline the lifeline of a gas station cashier are cash registers and bar code scanners. In many set-ups, cashiers have the facility to control the gas pumps electronically. In bigger, more advance establishments, cashiers often monitor other segments of the work flow as follows:
Monitoring air pumps
Vacuum cleaners
Automated car washing equipments etc.

Educational Aspects

A high school graduation will give you an easy access towards being a gas station cashier. Many universities and vocational schools offer courses and even short term programs dealing in subjects which will help you while working as a cashier. These subjects include math, accounting, computers etc. It is seen that many students take it as a part-time job while studying.

Career growth for a gas station cashier can have him or her become a manager when experience gets added to the resume. Getting a higher degree will help them accelerate their growth.

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Being a gas station cashier is one of the best part-time jobs, which after a considerable experience can lead you to many lucrative employment opportunities. Many universities offer short term courses which supplement job aspects and career growth as well.