Shelving is an essential aspect of retailing. The right shelving should be strong and sturdy to support your items. Additionally, the shelving should make your items clearly visible to potential customers. Shelving is made from various materials including melamine, bullnose, glass, Slatwall, and gridwall. Glass shelving comes with a unique appeal incomparable to other options. Read on to understand how to select quality glass shelving for your store.

Glass Shelves

Glass comes in various options and this affects durability and strength. Low-quality glass is not durable for retail shelving. It is likely to break after a short while and you will be looking for a replacement sooner than later. Before hitting the market for glass shelving, it is very important to understand how to tell high-quality glass. This will give you good value for money and save you a lot in repair and replacement.

Understanding tempered glass shelving

This is the most preferred type of glass for retail shelving for its resistance to abrasion and harsh forces. Tempered glass shelving scores highly when it comes to safety in various applications where regular glass poses a potential danger. Tempered glass is much stronger and does not break into sharp shards, unlike standard glass.

It is a great idea to choose high-quality shelving that offers good value for money. Tempered glass shelves are highly durable and 4 times stronger compared to shelves from standard glass. This glass is thicker making it stronger than thinner glass to support more weight. It explains why tempered glass shelving is ideal for retail stores.

Safety concerns addressed by tempered glass

Tempered glass is toughened after heat treatment with a minimum surface compression of about 10,000 psi with minimum edge compression of 9,700 psi. This glass surface is four times stronger than that of a regular glass of similar thickness. On breaking, tempered glass shatters forming harmless tiny pieces. This dice break pattern lessens the risk of serious injury.

Standard glass breaks shattering into multiple dangerous pieces. This is what makes an investment in tempered glass shelving a more viable idea. Tempered glass is strong and resilient making it ideal to support items with different weight. It makes shelving from tempered glass ideal for various retail stores regardless of whether you sell books, carvings, or electronics.

Using Starfire glass shelving

Also known as Ultra Clear glass, Optiwhite glass, or low iron glass, it is made through a low iron process leading to its ultra clear finish. Starfire glass is popular for its brilliance, stunning clarity, and luxurious appeal. Installing Starfire glass shelving will introduce more light into your store with unmatched brightness, visual excitement, and color fidelity. Fortunately, this type of shelving comes with different thickness levels without compromising optimizing clarity.

How glass thickness affects weight load?

When planning to display heavy items, you are recommended to choose glass shelving with more thickness. The more thickness, the more weight supported by the shelves.

Additionally, the glass thickness determines the distance between the brackets. To make glass shelving with thin thickness support more weight requires fixing extra support brackets in the middle of the wall mount. Fixing glass shelving requires investing in appropriate connectors and other accessories.

Shelving made from thick hardened glass will always stay in the same condition for a long time. Thick glass slabs support heavier items. A reputable retail supplies store will have a range of quality glass shelving made from strong glass. This is usually very clear without any fuzzy elements. Displaying your items on sturdy glass shelving will give you peace of mind. You will not have to worry about opening your store the next morning to find the shelves broken and your items damaged on the floor.

Some wonderful benefits of using glass shelving

Durability and strength
Enhances visual appeal
Offers extra storage space
Complements décor elements
Making your store space seem larger
Creates a lighting effect for transparency

Wrapping up

Product display can make or break a retail store. With multiple display options on the market, glass shelving comes with unique appeal. Strength and durability are essential aspects when selecting store displays and glass shelving does not disappoint. Additionally, glass shelving is highly versatile to apply in various applications and ads a unique appeal in any space.

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