There are many tools of divination available to those who wish to seek them out, but one of the most iconic and easy to learn is the deck of Tarot. In beginning to understand Tarot, there are four suits: swords, cups, wands and pentacles, as well as Major Arcana, iconic cards that have a whole different series of meanings in the deck and are universally considered the more important part of the deck. In continuing study of the Major Arcana, next is the 19 Card, The Sun.

After the inner journey with the Moon card, the Sun is the sign that you have achieved success from whatever journey you have been on. The Sun is typically the harbinger of good news as well. For example, financial success, stability, a completed project, a birth, a marriage, or a larger happy occasion. If you’ve been experiencing a period of darkness, you will be freed with light. Celebrate and enjoy what has come, as you’ve achieved the completion of a cycle. Indicative of psychic unity, your subconscious and your consciousness have achieved harmony. However, even with the unity of the two halves, one must now learn how to truly integrate and utilise the skills you’ve learned.

When upright in a Tarot reading, the Sun is a card that embodies happiness and hope. Your projects will be completed and you are being forewarned of your success. Celebrate and seek out your family and friends for that occasion. You can be emotionally satisfied and celebratory. In fact, it’s often to experience a positive uptick in your health, your perspective might have changed, and you’ll see optimism that you may never have seen before. With the new possibilities available to you, the Sun card is telling you to use the energy you have and to look into the flourishing of your relationships and endeavours. The key words to consider with the Sun card are as follows: attainment, prosperity, marriage, children, self-expression, creativity, and the attainment of goals.

When the Sun card appears reversed, also known as ill-dignified, in a Tarot reading, this is one of the few cards that is still quite positive in nature. When reversed, you can expect to see many of the same results of positivity and creative success. Unlike the upright reading of the card, though, the reversed version of the Sun simply means that you will see positive results, but maybe not as expected. You may not achieve the wealth of financial success to the extent you hoped, but you will still see success and completion. If you’re looking at why your success might not have reached the full potential you hoped for, then consider your ego and your own arrogance. The key words for the reversed Sun card are as follows: delays, ego-centricity, being pessimistic, loneliness, issues with children or marriage, depression, and a lack of meeting expectations.

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The author is an experienced tarot card reader. He masters all the major tarot readings.