"Try not to become a man of success but a man of value."

Albert Einstein

Character, is something that I long to see in everyday life today. A man opening the door for a lady, a young women giving up her seat for an elder, kind words said to heal and not to hurt.

Prosperity comes from the essence of deep character and the balance of all mind, body and spirit.

Many years ago a master of a trade was invaluable. He taught his student all he knew and more. The student went forth to build great castles and cathedrals that span the sky even today.

The master was respected and the student was encouraged and together respect and truth brought about many fabulous feats. Today Let us remember that our success does not just depend on the economy of our nation but how we value each other and respect each other and honor each other. In thought, word and deed. Not only as a nation but as a singularly beautiful world and keepers of this great gift of earth.

I bid you a blessed day with hope and prosperity and love.

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