As technology progresses, so is the way how people makes transactions and do business. In today's time, people are seeing the Internet as a great opportunity and advantage for them to reach customers. Many businesses see the potential in online selling today because they can offer their products to a wider audience and in return gets higher sales. A website is needed in order for customers to see the products for sale online. Websites serve as windows to millions of potential customers around the globe.

A website can only be viewable online if it is being hosted to a server that connects to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 times a week. This kind of web service is called web hosting. There are mainly two types of servers, dedicated and shared servers. With the advent in technology, a server called virtual private server was developed. In this kind of hosting, you can enjoy the benefits of what dedicated and shared servers has in just a low price.

The Benefits of VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting, all your information can be kept privately without having anyone to access it. You have your own server that is all yours. Furthermore, in VPS hosting a private server is available for email which is different than the one offered by shared hosting. This will protect the email account as well as it will stop spam emails easily. Another great benefit of VPS hosting is improved performance. All the resources will be regulated so that you will not be using all the memory and bandwidth in a single server.

The Difference of VPS to Shared Server

In VPS server, you will have your freedom in customizing and running different applications. You will also be able to manage your system better. Moreover, in VPS you will be bale to split the servers into different servers that will have different functions and uses at once.

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