Unhappy Marriage but Can't Leave: How To Stay Happy In A Loveless Marriage

Staying in an unhappy marriage might seem something out of the ordinary for some people. But in fact, these things do happen. People have their own reasons why they stay in an unhappy marriage.

Here are the most common 5 reasons why people stay in an unhappy marriage:

1. For Children Sake - kids are always the main reason why people stay together. Parents think that their divorce might affect their children in unimaginable ways. And they are most of the times, right. Divorce can damage children, ruin their childhood, dreams and hopes. But only because you two have children, it is necessarily to stay together. The bad words and awful behavior can affect children worse than a divorce can.

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2. Social Shame - some people simply can't detach themselves from others. They listen to what people say and they fear that others will gossip about their divorce. These are those people who simply prefer to stay in an unhappy marriage rather than having to deal with other people's words. Unfortunately, until they learn how to simply not care about others have to say, they will remain unhappy.

3. Lifestyle or Habit - some people have grown quite fond of their lifestyle or their habits. And despite how hard or awful the presence of their partner becomes, they prefer to stay in an unhappy marriage, but take advantage of the lifestyle they have now. At the same time, some people do not get a divorce because they are accustomed with the unhappiness. It might not make any sense to most of you, but yes, some people need to feel unhappy, they need to complain and not do anything about their current situation. Usually these people have given up on trying to work things out, but at the same time, they do not want to divorce because they are used to feeling this way.

4. Fear of Losing Things - some people stay in unhappy marriages because they fear that once they divorce, they will lose all the precious things they have. In a marriage people build stuff together and they also buy stuff together. Once you want to get a divorce, these things will go half and half. At the same time, people might fear losing their common friends to the other side. In a divorce you can't predict which friends will take your side and which won't. So people simply do not want to find out.

5. Fear of Being Alone - once you have been with someone for a few years, you pretty much forgot how to be on your own. You did all the things with the other person that doing things on your own now is not something you know how to do. So instead of getting a divorce, most people simply stay in an unhappy marriage because they fear the idea of being alone.

Staying in an unhappy marriage is not going to solve your problems. Only you and your partner can decide whether to work things out or to give up.

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If you are looking for ways to improve marriage, it is very likely that you are facing some problems in your relationship. Before you proceed further, you have to first ask yourself if you still love your spouse and desire to keep your marriage. If your answer is 'YES!', the next thought you must keep in your mind is that you will definitely succeed in saving your marriage.

Having a positive mindset is very important in order to be successful. This will ensure that you do not give up easily on your mission to improve marriage. Nevertheless, that is not going to be the only thing that can help to save your marriage. In fact, very often, couples drifted apart because of the lack of intimacy in their relationship, especially once they have kids in the picture. Is that the problem that you are facing too?

No doubt, a marriage union is not simply about intimacy between the couple but at the same time, if there is hardly any intimacy or worse, if it is totally missing from the relationship, the relationship will be affected. By intimacy, I am not just referring to the amount of physical contact between the couple. Of course, how often both of you have sex with each other is also very important but intimacy of the emotional is also vital.

If you are really serious in wanting to improve your marriage, you will have to be very honest with yourself. The following questions can help you to find out if your marriage is affected by your lack of intimacy are:
• How often do you confide in your spouse?
• Whom do you turn to when you face problems?
• Do you tend to handle matters on your own or seek advice from your spouse
• Do you share wholeheartedly with your partner?

Answering the above questions will help you to determine whether you need to spice up the intimacy in your relationship. Remember, if you have been keeping your distance from your spouse over the past year or even years, your partner will get hurt and so will start to keep things from you too. Over time, both of you will seem more like strangers living under the same roof rather than husband and wife.

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Do not panic if the above scenario seems to fit your marriage relationship. As long as both of you still love each other, you can still save your marriage by improving the level of intimacy in your relationship. So how do you do that then? Here are some tips to help you.

1. Open communication
If you have been keeping to yourself a lot, now is the time to open up and have a heart-to-heart talk with your spouse. Be honest with each other and don't forget to listen to what your partner has to say as well as to tell your spouse how you feel about things. A marriage is a union of two individuals, thus in order for it to work, both of you have to work together and the best way is through open communication.

2. Make time for each other
Now that you know your problem lies in not having enough intimacy to spice up your relationship, you should make a conscious effort to make time for each other. These days, people are very busy with their jobs, so if you do not make time for each other, your marriage is only heading for trouble. It will be a very heart-breaking thought to find your marriage ending in divorce when you have been working so hard for your family.

For a start, you can fix a day when both of you are free to go for a quiet lunch or dinner together without the kids. Alternatively, you can also plan for a weekend getaway just for the two of you. Get a babysitter to look after your children so that both of you can enjoy some quiet moments together.

If you are serious in wanting to improve marriage, be prepared that it is not going to be an easy task. It is not impossible but both of you will have to play a part. Make the first move in scheduling time for each other and discuss with your spouse about it. Do not make any prior arrangement without consulting him or her. It will only show that you disrespect them. When your spouse sees that you are making the effort to spend more time with them, your effort will be reciprocated. So start on your plan today, don't wait till your marriage is headed for divorce.

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Are you searching for some serious recommendations meant for saving your marriage? "Exactly how to recognize if your relationship is in a catastrophe" is a fundamental concern to think about because there are lots of people that do not know that they are facing marital problems when they appear and so end up losing their relationship altogether. If you are not able to read the alert signals of a marital life in trouble, then this article will benefit you enormously.

Marriage Well being

You would often have heard about personal health but fitness in your marriage is one area of concern that a lot of people tend to happily forget about. For a start, take into account exactly how well-balanced your bedroom activities really are.

Certainly, I would agree whole-heartedly that sex just isn't the whole lot in a marriage but a wholesome marriage cannot do without the need of sex also. Making love is actually why a marriage is a cheerful and also balanced one. If perhaps you have been wedded to your significant other for quite some time but your bedroom activities are not incredibly consistent or are close to zero, the odds are that there's something not so right in your spousal relationship and it is high time you find a solution.

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Happily married couples will often have sex done spontaneously simply because they remain greatly crazy about each other and can rarely get their hands off each other! On the contrary, if your bedroom activities are made on schedule because you have got young kids, you do not have to stress too much over it either. When you have a young child, you will discover that you don't have time to even eat a decent lunch, let alone have sex! This really is simply a passing phrase and your relationship will certainly get well when your young children mature and you have more time for each other.

Having said that, a bothered spousal relationship is one where the pair would not get into natural love making even when they've got some time to take some action. Couples who are madly in love tend to contact, hug and embrace each other every time they have the chance to, regardless of the situation or time. They'll offer each other a light peck on the cheeks when they are passing each other. They don't have to possess a basis for doing this. Are you currently still doing that?

Because you seek out professional advice for saving your marriage, this can be an effective plus clear signal that you are currently still in love with your wife or husband but you need something to spice up your matrimony life. As such, you can start to add variations to your broken relationship. All you've got to do is to make the changes to yourself and then surprise him or her with increased emotions. Begin afresh, begin from now. You will be amazed by the final results.

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If your marriage has been on the rocks but the truth is that you still care very much for your husband or wife and do not want a break-up, then you're in critical need of several tips to prevent a divorce. Even then, it could have you feeling significantly better to be told that you're not the only human being confronting this difficulty. Trying to save your marriage is indeed a challenge but it is something that can be done but you have to be very determined and strong-willed.

I am not saying that it must be an unimportant situation but rather that I am well aware that it is very possible for you to have a happy ending because there are plenty of others who may already have been through it before. What you will need is lots of will power combined with determination and you will be able to handle the problems and carry on to reside contentedly ever after with your husband or wife.
The important aim isn't to give up almost instantly but rather it is to avoid divorce before it's too late. Here are some strategies which can assist you to get back your lost love as well as re-ignite that fire with your better half again.

1. Be psychologically prepared that matters might still not turn out to be how you have imagined it to work. In this manner, you won't end up being way too hard with yourself if you ever actually end up with a divorce. This is not being negative about the situation but it is always better to keep an open mind.

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2. Always be open in addition to being responsive to your spouse. Have a heart-to-heart discussion with your lover at the earliest time period possible. You can't uncover what has gone completely wrong with your matrimony unless you speak with your other half. You will need to let him learn your feelings in addition to hearing about just what exactly he has to say. When you are willing to communicate, you are displaying your sincerity in needing to fix things up.

3. Find aid from marriage counselors if necessary. These professionals can lead the two of you to see things genuinely so you can fix the trouble area inside your marital life. Even when cheating is involved in your matrimony, these advisors will be able to assist both of you to improve on things and can in very possibility save your matrimony. It isn't a really expensive treatment plan and should really be executed before either of you apply for a separation and divorce.

4. Do not fight with your wife or husband or even endeavor to defend yourself if you really want to save your matrimony. Certainly no volume of stop divorce advice can help you if you appear to be trying to coerce your partner into agreeing along with your opinion all the time. That will simply worsen the strain within your relationship with your husband or wife.

Work on the above 4 tactics and you'll be on the right track to save your marriage. You will still stand an opportunity at improving your relationship with your spouse if you take action right away. Start before it is too late.

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