Well, well, well, my friend! Allow me to share with you a revolutionary technique I stumbled upon - the body-oriented self-restoration technique! This technique allowed me to heal from sciatic nerve inflammation and can help you restore balance to your spine, joints, and internal organs.

Through this technique, you'll learn to recognize micro-movements in your body and allow them to complete in the direction of least resistance. As you continue this process, you'll feel your body calm down completely, indicating that the self-healing process is complete.

And the best part? I'm offering training courses for individuals and groups on the body-oriented self-restoration technique: https://ecominded.net/self-healing-technique . You'll learn to control your thoughts, feel your body, and restore balance to your energies. So what are you waiting for, my friend? Contact me at radaryu@gmail.com and let's get you started on the path to self-restoration and feeling better than ever before!

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Eco-entrepreneur, founder of Eco-Minded Club, sustainable homesteader, living in harmony with nature, the people and my own self. Inspired by the idea of Kin's domains. Here you can read more about my life path: https://ecominded.net/your-guide-and-translator