Project Management School and StudyIngram Founder Entrepreneur Gökhan Turgut Ünal's new book “University Career Guide” is on sale by Scala Publishing. The book includes career, entrepreneurship, productivity, and abroad opportunities for university students.


The book contains the secrets of how students can improve themselves in university life and how to be successful in their career life after graduation. There are many articles in the book on the ways to go abroad, especially in recent years.


The book also includes articles on ways to be successful, preparing a resume, interview techniques, learning a foreign language, and entrepreneurship. Also, read entrepreneurial mindset.


The university period is one of the processes that you will enjoy the most in your life and at the same time, you will get to know yourself completely! Unfortunately, the plans and dreams established when starting university are not the same when graduating. Investing in yourself at university will build your entire career path.


Just studying and graduating with a high-grade point average does not mean anything for your post-graduation business life. The information you will acquire in the book aims to make you more equipped, more capable, and most importantly, more aware of life.


All the advice tips to be successful in your post-graduation career by spending your university life productively are explained in plain language in the book. Making your plans with appropriate suggestions and information will lead you to success.


This book is not a PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT book. All the information and suggestions in the book are an INVESTMENT ADVICE for yourself!


Regarding his book, Gökhan Turgut Ünal said, “When I started my blog and project writing work on youth projects in 2014, many young people around me were hopeful, able to go abroad easily, and less worried about their future.


When we arrive in 2022, this picture is the exact opposite of 2014. With the economic developments and the pandemic period, many young people want to go abroad but do not return!


This book; has been prepared to shed light on young people at a time when people's hopes are decreasing day by day. I do not guarantee that you will be very successful after reading the book (no publication can guarantee you this anyway), but I hope that you will turn into a person with high awareness.


Channeling your energy and time correctly in your education life will have a positive impact on your career. When applying the advice in this book, the most important thing is to get the work that suits you and apply it.” said.


Especially “ İngilizce Sunum” and “Kariyer Fikirleri” are also interviewed in the book.


You can reach the book from all distinguished bookstores and online book sales sites.


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