John Legend is a name in music industry, which need no recognition. John is a famous and popular American singer, actor, songwriter and musician. He was born on 28 December 1978 in Springfield, Ohio to Ronald Lamar Stephens and Phyllis Elaine. He is best-known for some his solo tracks such as All of Me and Glory. He is also the pianist of Lauren Hill’s song Everything is Everything. If you are a fan of want to contact the legendary singer, then you can contact him at John Legend contact number. Here we are sharing some of the unknown and lesser known facts about John Legend. Check all the facts below.

Lesser Known Facts about John Legend

• His stage name is John Legend, but his birth name is John Roger Stephens.
• He is the Grammy Award winner for the album Get Lifted, released in 2004.
• One of the track in the album Get Lifted, “Ordinary People” is platinum certified and this song also ranked in the Billboard Chart.
• John was born and raised in Springfield along with 3 siblings.
• John Legend was famous for his vocal style, through which he becomes the top R&B performers of the world.
• Since his childhood, he was homeschooled by his mother.
• John started singing at a very young age. When he was just four years old, he began singing at church choir.
• John Legend started playing piano at just seven.
• He belongs to a middle-class family. John’s father is a factory worked and his mother is a seamstress.
• John Legend joined North High School at the age of 12, from where he completed his graduation.
• Due to his outstanding performance in school, he got admission offers from some of the top-level universities including Harvard University, Morehouse College and Georgetown University.
• Later, he attended University of Pennsylvania, where he studied African-American Literature and English.
• Becoming a singer is the dream of Legend since his childhood, but he was also inspired by Andy Griffith’s lawyer character.
• At just the age of 16, he went on a plane for the first time, which was a great experience for him, according to Legend.
• From 1995 to 2004, he was the pianist, choir director and head of music department at Bethel AME Church.
• His first ever job is of a wedding singer.
• While working in Boston Consulting Group, he worked part-time in nightclubs within New York.
• Once John Legend was on a trip to Bahrain, where he met pop legend Michael Jackson.
• John played piano for several famous songs also such as Overnight Celebrity, The Black Album and Around My Way.
• John Legend made his debut in film industry with the movie “Loverboy”, released in 2004.
• Legend also sang in a video especially made for Barack Obama named Yes We Can.
• In December 2011, Legend engaged to famous model Chrissy Teigen.
• He firstly meets Chrissy while ironing his underwear.
• Chrissy also worked as a model star in John’s video “Stereo”.
• Fans of John Legend can get an autographed postcard, by posting a blank postcard to John Legend contact address.

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