In the late 1800's a popular attraction was a Flea Circus. "Trained Fleas" were kept in a cigar box. When the lid would open, the fleas would jump in the box. So what do you have in common with an ordinary flea? The interesting fact about the fleas in the flea circus is that they never jump out of the box. They would only jump the height of the cigar box even though they had the potential to jump 8 to 10 inches. They were trained by keeping the lid on the cigar box for a long time. They would jump up, hit the lid and bounce down. This would happen over and over again until the fleas were conditioned to not jump to their potential but rather where they were conditioned to. Once conditioned, they would never try again to jump higher. They resigned to the new truth that they could only jump about an inch.

What we are capable of doing pales in comparison of what we are truly able to do. When we stop trying to jump higher we start believing that we really can't. Our lives become more enclosed and more safe and then it becomes ordinary. But the price that we pay for being comfortable sucks the passion out from our lives. We must fight back and push the limits of what we are capable of. We have all heard of the old adage, "If you don't use it you'll lose it". This holds true for our potential and dreams.

We must force ourselves out of comfortability and test our capability - not just once in a while but constantly. It is the nature of living that causes us to value comfort over growth but it is the nature of us as individuals that needs to grow and expand. It is when we grow and as we become more do we really live our potential.

In this timeless wisdom, we find the understanding that we can't afford to think that we have reached our potential. No matter how uninspiring or inspiring our lives have become. Words such as should, could, ought to - must be transformed into must. We must turn our shoulds into musts. Challenge ourselves and our spirits to stop asking, "Is this all there is?" and revel in the opportunity of, "How far can I go".

If you knew your true potential was 8 to 10 times as great as you are living right now, what could you do? How would you love? What would you try? What would you do right now that you have been reluctant to do or try? See my friends, we are all very much like circus fleas. Not even knowing what are true abilities are. It is like being a high performance sports car but we only drive in the city. The time is now. Time to take that baby on the open road and really see how fast it can go. To push the pedal to the metal and turn ordinary to extraordinary. Yes, it can be scary but remember emotions are a sign of life - even fear. Live bold and brave and most important live free. Free from the expectations and perceptions of what we think is real and decide on your terms, not the terms of when somebody or yourself close the lid on the cigar box and you settle for 1/10th of who you can really be.

Carpe Diem!

Author's Bio: 

Joe White started Get Life Coaching in his basement with one client in 1999. Today he has offices in Wilmington and Delaware City and has coached hundreds of individuals and businesses and thousands have attended his seminars and speaking engagements.

Joe's passion and drive to help others comes from his own life experience. 15 years ago Joe was caught in the addiction to drugs and alcohol. His life's turning point came when he purchased a set of self-help audiotapes from a late night infomercial. It was in that moment his life changed. Joe used those tapes to help break himself free from his addiction. He listened to the tape series over and over again for five years. Joe became fascinated with learning why we do what we do and how we can get what we want.

Today, Joe White is a leader in personal and professional development. He also conducts life coaching certification courses and has trained therapist and counselors in his coaching techniques. Joe has created and conducted programs for Fortune 500 companies to top local businesses including: J.P. Morgan Chase, University of Delaware, Christiana High School, World Tang Soo Do Organization, martial arts schools across the country, industry leading corporations, television, chambers of commerce, half-way houses and non-profit organizations. Joe is a sought after keynote speaker who brings depth, insights, and energy into his presentations.

He has been an on-air expert on national and local radio shows. He has been featured on CN8, is a regular featured writer for Living Well Magazine, conducted a regular show on WDEL 1150 am in Delaware and has been a guest on the Jordan Rich Show on Boston's top radio station, WBZ 1030 am.

Joe is certified as a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer and Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner and is a former member of Anthony Robbins' Leadership Team. He is the winner of New Castle Chamber of Commerce 2008 Entrepreneurial Advocate of the Year.

Joe is the chairman of the Joseph White Foundation whose purpose is to assist individuals through financial contributions and education.

Joe holds a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do karate and a first degree black belt in Sin Moo Hapkido. He is an avid bicyclist and a licensed skydiver.