Sex alone, is a mighty urge to action, but its forces are like a cyclone - they are often uncontrollable. When the emotion of love begins to mix itself with the emotion of sex, the result is calmness of purpose, poise, accuracy of judgment, and balance. Napoleon Hill

Are you aware of the power of channeling your sexual energy to create, especially women?! We have the power within us! A lot of times women have the tendency to ignore or shut down their sexual essence. When we combine the energy of love and sexual energy within, we are our most productive and most powerful!

The sexual creative energy within us provides nourishment to our desired reality. Each of us succeeds or fails in life to the degree that we give form and direction to this creative force.

To activate your sexual creative energy think of love and something that brings you physical pleasure. Fully embody this moment!

Try one or both of these exercises to aid in achieving your goals and desires.

1. Visualize your desire and connect with the love in your heart while activating your sexual energy – When you are visualizing what you desire, tune into your sexual energy. Sense it in your second and root chakras. The more you can sense it, whether it is a tingling, a heat or a pleasurable sensation, the better. Continue to visualize what you desire – see it, feel how you will feel with your desire manifested. At the same time, energize the visualization by activating your creative powers through sensing your sexual energy.

 The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine or coccyx. This Chakra contains information about our roots, including family values, beliefs, and our heritage; original feelings about ourselves, our right to exist, occupy space, to be loved and to get our needs met; programming affecting our basic needs, including our need for money, love, sex, food, air, water, housing; and material energy for achieving life purpose.

 The Sacral Chakra is located just below the navel. The second chakra is the center for our feelings and creativity. Women store most of their life energy here. Through this chakra, we begin to understand our reactions to our inner and outer worlds. Then decide how we are going to express ourselves have our base survival needs met in the Base Chakra, we are more able to look at other aspects of life, and this creates desire, which gets us to move, to reach out, to grow and to chan
2. Use the power of your voice at orgasm – You can do this alone or with another. Just before orgasm, visualize your desire. Then at your climax use your voice to state your desire, ‘I desire _____!”

Women + energy of love + nurtured sexual creativity = ultimate productivity and power

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Dana Mallon is a women’s SoulFit coach, motivational speaker and writer encouraging women to Journey Within..Lift and Lead! Dana embraces her gifts of spiritual consciousness and healing to help women heal their lives and experience more joy! The result of working with her is a natural cleansing of your life force energy, releasing all things that no longer serve your higher good.

Dana’s philosophy is that the world is your playground and you are the STAR of your own life. When you live your life from this perspective, you become the Stargazer of your life! From the results she has created in her own life, her message is clear: You can create your life exactly as you desire no matter what your circumstances may be.

Her weekly SoulFit Woman eZine has a worldwide following. If you are ready to heal your life, experience more joy, and more freedom, you can sign up for your F.R.E.E SoulFit Woman’s Starter Kit at