My mom was over the other night, which prompted a conversation I never thought I would have as a man in his twenties... a talk about her urinary incontinence. I'll explain:

My mother is a very busy woman. Last fall she turned 60, but you would never know it, based on how busy she is daily. As a high school teacher in Guelph for 30+ years, she was fortunate to retire at 55, and ever since has filled her days: visiting her never ending collection of Gal Pals, volunteerings with her Presbyterian church, trying our nearly every hobby under the sun (including brewing beer), staying fit, growing microgreens (whatever those are)... the list goes on.

Given her feverous pace, I was surprised when she mentioned she was no longer volunteerings with the church. For a long time, it had been one of her biggest passions to walk around the Guelph community, checking in on fellow congregants who live alone (especially during the recent Pandemic).

Curious about her sudden change in habit, I asked what brought it on. She then replied very matter-of-factly, "I can't stop my stupid bladder leaks!"

Not sure what to say, I stared forward blankly for a solid 60 seconds.

She then told me something I had no idea about: that she had been living with a leaky bladder for 27 years. Basically, since I was born, she had been coping with the embarrassment and discomfort that comes with a leaky bladder caused by a weakened pelvic floor, thanks to delivering all nine pounds of me and my enormous head! I never noticed growing up, so she either did a great job hiding it, or I am incredibly dense! In any case, she said it had been getting worse with age, nothing she had tried had worked, and it had gotten so bad that she was no longer walkings from house to house volunteerings because she didn't think she could make it.

This is where I win "son of the year".

Somewhere in my mind, between my New England Patriots trivia, and the lyrics to Rump Shaker, I happened to remember an ad I had seen for a company called UROSPOT who claimed they end bladder leaks for women. I then looked them up, and it turns out they use some high-frequency technology in a unique chair that actually helps women perform 11,000 Kegels in 22 minutes. After a few sessions, UROSPOT say most women experience big improvements and are more or less able to return to everyday life. I also checked out their reviews on , and this one told me this could be what my mom needed:

"My experience at UROSPOT has been so positive. After only two sessions, I am sleeping through the night and can drive from London to Toronto without stopping to use the restroom. The staff made me feel super comfortable and the space is beautiful".


I mentioned UROSPOT to my mom and, after doing her own research, she seemed pretty excited. Once she had done an initial consult with their team, she decided to try out their six treatment program. Being the great son I am, I paid for it as a birthday gift.

Back to "doing the lord's work".

My mom is now two treatments in, and already she has stopped leaking enough to get back to helping the community, and as importantly, feeling the confidence she did before. Once she completes these treatments, she will have to go back every few months to UROSPOT to maintain these results, and fortunately I think this is the end of a very weird chapter in my life! All to any if any guys out there are looking for a mother's day gift, UROSPOT could be the weirdest/best gift you ever give!

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