You can use your psychic abilities to attain your greatest desires with greater joy and ease. You can connect with your psychic awareness to become clear about your most important wishes. Your psychic skills also aid in manifesting your most important dreams.

Imagine You are looking into the star filled night-time sky. You feel yourself connected with the universe and you know You have a purpose here on this planet. You understand You are cosmically connected with All That Is. You trust that the universe supports You and You feel the intrinsic value of your life.

From this magical connected state You make your wish upon a star. Let the universe in on your greatest desires. You may desire anything from happiness to a relationship, job or a new sports car. Only You know what is closest to your heart.

You make your wish and let it go. Trust and allow the Universe to do its part in manifesting your desires. The Universe knows your greatest wishes even if You don't put words to them. Allow yourself to know that the Universe wants you to be happy and to support You living joyously in your human experience.

After becoming clear about your desire, allow yourself some quiet time to meditate and visualize. Allow yourself to feel what it's like to experience your wish in the now. You don't have to be specific or force any scenarios or how it will happen. In fact, it's better at this point not to put too much thought on to how it will happen. You can even ask your guides to help You feel what it's like to be living your heart's desire right now.

For example, if You are wishing for more abundance, notice what it feels like to be choosing what to do with the extra money. Feel the relaxation in your body from the knowledge that all your bills are paid and your savings is growing. Experience the waves of prosperity washing over You.

Once you have felt your wish in the now, You can ask your inner guidance to let You know what effort is yours to do make your dream a reality. Wishing upon a star is nice, but it's not the whole recipe for making your dreams come true. The Universe does its part and You must be responsible for Your part.

Remember the story about the guy who prays to win the lottery? He really wants it and prays to God and God wants him to win the lottery too. His guidance was, "Buy a lottery ticket!"

Once You make a conscious request to your guides for them to let You know what's yours to do, pay attention. You may know what steps to take right away. You might notice other ideas pop into your awareness in the following days. If You get a lot of ideas, write them down. You can even consciously ask your angels or guides to help prioritize.

Follow that psychic guidance and take inspired action. Take the steps that seem strongest and brightest in the moment. Follow your guiding star step by step.

By combining your psychic skills of connecting with the Universal Energy, calling on your guides, feeling the future in the now, and being open to your guides giving You action steps You can manifest your dreams with joy and ease.

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