The world of Twitter increases every day and it can be a great way to promote your business. Some may think of Social Media and of Twitter as a time waster, but anything that truly grows your business is not a waste of time.

I’ll share with you some tips on how you can use Twitter to grow your business. But first, let’s look at why Twitter can be a boost to your business.

Why is Twitter So Great?

Twitter is a way for you to get your ideas across to a large number of people quickly. It’s also a great way of receiving new ideas from other people.

Prospective and existing customers appreciate the personal contact that Twitter provides. Twitter gets your business name out there and generates traffic to your website. And it’s free!

Here are some tips on taking full advantage of Twitter’s benefits for your business.

1. Be a star

No one likes cold calls and most paper ads are ignored. Twitter is a way to “cold call” people and introduce them to your business in an easy manner.

Especially if you share great content. People will hear about your business who might otherwise never know about it.

2. Connections

Twitter is about connecting people. All users are connected with each other. If one person likes a link you tweeted, that Twitter user may become a follower, and he or she may then share (retweet) your tweet to his or her followers, and so forth. The number of people who see the link then increases exponentially.

3. Helping others

In all of Social Media, receiprocity is big. Retweet other’s tweets that you agree with and like, and do for other tweeters what you would like to have done for you. Also reply to people’s tweet. Participate in conversation. Thank people for retweeting your information. Help other build their following and they will help you build yours.

4. Consider Getting Help – TweetDeck or Hootsuite

TweetDeck or Hootsuite is said to make the Twitter experience more manageable and understandable. It is a one-stop free application that organizes your Twitter world. It allows you in one page to see your search, your Twitter followers, allows you to shortens URLs and schedule tweets in advance.

5. Learn about your market

Twitter is a good way to discover trends and stay in touch with the latest happenings in your business market. Use Twitter to find out what’s going on in your market’s realm by creating multiple searches by keywords and phrases.

For lots of businesses users Twitter can be overwhelming. Know that with a few well placed strategies and some help, you can enter the Twitter universe and give your business the edge you need.

Author's Bio: 

Candy Sugarman earned her degree in Psychology from U.C.L.A. and worked in a variety of industries utilizing a wide-range of skills, for the last two decades. She began her virtual assistant practice in 2007 by offer real estate agents administrative support and internet marketing. Intrigued by the increase in popularity in Social Media, Candy earned her Certification in Social Media marketing from VA Classroom. With a love of learning, she quickly sought out and obtained her certification in Social Network Design, Online Video skills and as well as Virtual Event Specialist Certification.

With a deep desire to help entrepreneurs and small business owners understand and master online marketing, she created PlayBig Online Marketing. Due to the fast-paced changes in the online marketing world, she is able to use her ability to adapt and learn quickly to offer the very latest and best to her clients. Never content with the status quo, she is always searching and learning ways to improve processes, systems, and create automation whenever possible to deliver to her clients the very best in an efficient and successful manner.